Angry Birds Space

The Angry Birds fly into space!

The title of our post brings a double meaning to scare any of the angry Birds. "Angry Birds fly into space" sounds like the game will cease to exist, doesn't it? Yeah, but it's not that. Rovio, the company that created Angry Birds, is not for a moment and, with such success, could never metaphorically send the nice birds into space, that is, to finish such a successful project. For space, they are going literally!

In addition to all the efforts to promote the already super consolidated game, the company still finds time to bring updates to the various versions that are already on the market. We're talking about classic Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Rio. What's more, a new series is about to be released. Your name: Angry Birds Space. All clear now? Relieved?

According to Rovio's announcement, the angry Birds Space will be the biggest release of the series since the classic version (or original as in the text below). The game will have news, but keep familiar aspects of games already known. The saying that in a winning team does not move will therefore be taken to the letter. Also according to the announcement, the release of the new game will be on March 22. However, at the beginning of next month we will have more information about the news.

Below is a video teaser what's to come:

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