Hack to charge the current wireless AirPods case

The AirPods case can be recharged wirelessly right now – if you are willing to do this little process

Sometime early next year, Apple will launch its wireless charger AirPower and, with it, a new version of AirPods case compatible with the accessory. Anyone who already owns the Apple wireless headphones will have to pay an amount – not yet revealed, although there are suspicions – to exchange their cases for the new version.

But what if I say that it is possible to take one of the current cases and, with some adaptations and very little money, give it the ability to receive energy just by contact? Because it was exactly what the reader of Redmond Pie Simon Cowley did.

The whole ruse is based on a wireless charging receiver with Lightning connector like this one. The first part involves separating the metallic part of the piece (which actually receives the energy) from its plastic wrap, discarding this second. The receiver then connects to the case’s Lightning port and can be attached to the case with a piece of adhesive tape.

Then, just get some protection to “hide” the exposed electronic components. Fortunately, the market for cases for the AirPods case (see where we ended up) is getting hotter, so it won’t be a problem to find something that fits your style. Finally, then, fit the case into the case – carefully, so as not to displace any of the components – and you have an accessory fully capable of receiving wireless recharges, right now and spending a maximum of a few change.

Hack to charge the current wireless AirPods case

Sure, it’s quite a gambiarra for something that doesn’t bring such a huge benefit – but if you really hate yarn or just like to get your hands dirty to make these little ones mods, it can be a good weekend project.