The AirPod Case can be recharged wirelessly right now – if you are willing to do this little process.

Sometime early next year, Apple will launch its wireless charger Airpower and with him a new verse of the AirPods Case compatible with accessory. Who already owns the Ma wireless headphones have to shell out an undisclosed amount, although there are suspicions to exchange their cases for the new version.

But what if I say that you can get one of the current cases and, with some adjustments and very little money, give it the ability to receive energy only by contact? Because that's exactly what the reader of Redmond pie Simon Cowley did.

All the ruse is based on a wireless recharging receiver with Lightning connector like this one. The first part involves separating the metal part of the part (which actually receives energy) from its plastic wrap, discarding this second. The receiver then plugs into the Lightning case's door and can be secured to the case with a piece of tape.

"Hack "Hack

Then just get some protection to “hide” the exposed electronic components. Fortunately, the case market for the AirPods case (look at where we ended up) is getting hotter, so it's not a problem to find something that fits your style. Finally, then, the case fits into the case carefully so as not to displace any of the components and you have an accessory fully capable of receiving wireless recharges right now and spending at most a few pennies.

Hack to Charge Current Wireless AirPod Case

Sure, it's quite a gambiara for something that doesn't bring such a huge benefit as that but if you really hate yarn or just like to put your hands in the dough to make these little ones modsIt can be a good weekend project.