The 7 best free mobile video editors

With smartphones increasingly powerful, anyone can make incredible videos today. So if you love to shoot, AppGeek has selected 7 best video editors for Android or iPhone. The applications offer easy-to-use features that promise to make your recordings even more attractive.

1. InShot


Very simple to use, InShot is one of the favorite apps to give that boost in social networks. With several tools, the app allows, for example, to add special effects, montages, captions and emojis. You can also choose the soundtrack directly from the music library.

The editing task itself is easy, and you can insert cuts simply and quickly, as well as include or merge videos recorded at different times.

Important: in the free version, the application adds a small watermark to the videos, which can always be removed if you watch an advertisement.

To download, click on your operating system: Android / iOS.

2. FilmoraGo


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Totally free, with no watermarks or time limit for use, FilmoraGo is a powerful tool. It offers all the functions that professionals and amateurs in video editing are looking for.

Easily used to merge photos and videos, add filters and transitions, the application also has complex options. Among them are slow or fast camera effects and mute recording, which eliminates the sounds captured on the video.

The app is able to access "social networks on the interface itself, simplifying the process of sharing by the user.

To download, click on your operating system: Android / iOS.

3. Kwai


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A mix of video editor with social network, Kwai has become very popular due to its "magic" filters (in the style of Snapchat). In addition, the app allows you to create musical films, with a series of special effects and the possibility of dubbing, such as the famous Tik Tok (formerly

The application offers real-time beautification features, changing the image speed and including post-recording effects. Another difference is the possibility of sharing the videos directly in the Status of WhatsApp, in Instagram Stories, among other platforms.

In addition to common and musical videos, users can also create video clips from images in the gallery or edit photos. Totally free, the program does not insert a watermark in the material. But at the end, it informs that the content was produced through the app.

To download, click on your operating system: Android / iOS.

4. KineMaster


Probably the best known among mobile video publishers. KineMaster supports multiple layers of audio, video, images and text, in addition to inserting precise cuts, being possible to view frame by frame of the footage.

Because it has so many features, at first glance the app's interface may seem strange. However, the use is simple and the possibilities are many: d to add filters, themes, audio fade-in, among several other features, which include free and paid options.

But don't worry about spending money: much of the KineMaster collection is completely free.

To download, click on your operating system: Android / iOS.

5. TikTok


TikTok is a free video creation and sharing application. The most downloaded application in the world famous for the ease of creating modern editions with musical background.

The social part is also very popular, thanks to the challenges that go viral around the world. Using creative hashtags, users are encouraged to share videos by performing various unusual actions.

With TikTok, the user can create videos of up to 15 or 60 seconds or use an already available one in the cell gallery. Among the editing features are the inclusion of a soundtrack, change of speed, use of filters and augmented reality effects. OK

The content can be shared on the app's social network, which has over 500 million active monthly users. The more original your video, participating in the challenges and using hashtags, the greater the chances of gaining followers. And, who knows, become a tiktoker Of success.

To download, click on your operating system: Android / iOS.

6. Magisto

Video editor Magisto

One of the most practical and easy to use applications, Magisto has a friendly interface and allows you to create video montages and make edits in a few minutes. Based on some styles, Magisto already makes basic changes to the video to be worked on, to make your life even easier.

The app also makes music suggestions for your video's soundtrack, being able to select the tracks you prefer.

With a paid version and a free version, it may not be the most complete application for a professional task, but the simplicity and options available can be a differentiator for those who want to produce videos for social networks. The paid version brings additional options.

The application offers all the features for quick edits, being perfect for those who like to edit videos while on the move.

To download, click on your operating system: Android / iOS

7. PowerDirector

PowerDirector video editor

Available only for Android devices, PowerDirector is free and includes several simple-to-use functions. In addition to allowing the creation of videos in Full HD, the application brings the option to record narration and include steel film special effects.

In the editor, cutting tasks can be done easily, using transitions and a personalized soundtrack. It is also possible to give the effect of slow camera, even allowing to choose the speed of reproduction of the images.

Of course, you can share your videos directly through the app.

To download PowerDirector, click here.

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