The 7 best free apps for making invitations on mobile Making birthday invitations with beautiful and modern design is getting easier. There are a number of apps for Android and iOS that allow you to create custom templates for free. In…

Making birthday invitations with beautiful and modern design is getting easier. There are a number of apps for Android and iOS that allow you to create custom templates for free. In many of them, it is not even necessary to have knowledge of image editing, only creativity.

If you have an event scheduled and want to invite your friends in a fun way and without paying anything, you are in the right place. AppGeek gathers the best free apps to make invitations for birthday, wedding, parties and any other type of occasion.

1. Canva


Canva is one of the most popular image editors at the moment, due to its wide range of features and ease of use. It even has its own function for creating invitations, which brings together dozens of templates.

To use the app, you need to create an account, either associated with your Facebook or Google profile, or using an email. On the home screen, in Explore Canva, the various options for Design. Then choose Invitation.

The section offers a number of theme options, such as birthday, wedding, party, baby shower, graduation, 15th birthday party and more. You will come across layouts free and paid, all editable. Free ones have a tag Free, in the bottom right corner of the screen.

In general, all items are customizable, from the content, background color, font, etc. Changes are usually automatically saved to your account. It is also possible to save on your phone or share on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Drive, among other online services.

The Canva app is available for Android and iOS.

2. Adobe Spark Post

Adobe Spark Post

Developed by Adobe, the company responsible for Photoshop, Spark Post is an application for creating layouts useful even for those without design skills. At the top of the homepage are the tabs with the themes of the templates.

Among them are collages, business, school, travel, food, among others. When choosing what interests you, you can edit it by including photos (from the gallery or the app itself), texts with a multitude of fonts, logos etc.

Regarding the design, the user is able to change the color pattern, aspects of the layout and also resize to predefined formats. There are sizes suitable for posts or stories on Instagram, YouTube thumbnails or certain patterns for printing.

A differentiator of the program is the possibility to create invitations with text animation and save them as a video. The disadvantage is that the images come with the program’s watermark. To remove it, you need to subscribe monthly or annually to the app.

Adobe Spark Post is available for Android and iOS.

3. Invitation Card Maker App

Invitation Card Maker App

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The Invitation Card Maker App is very intuitive and easy to use. On the home screen, the user is faced with a series of themes, in which the layouts of the invitations. There are dozens of them, such as birthday, wedding, baby shower, barbecue and much more.

Compared to other apps of its kind, the models are less customizable, but they can still receive your personal touch. In some of them, it is only possible to edit the font type, color, size and alignment, as well as the content of the text.

In others, including a photo from Facebook or the gallery and stickers also appear as an option. After editing, it is possible to save, share or print the image produced.

Invitation Card Maker App is available for free for Android and iOS.

4. Invitation Maker

Invitation Maker

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Invitation Maker is ideal for those who prefer to start designing an invitation from scratch. With it, the user must choose the background and cut out the format he wants. Then, you can select filters and overlays, as well as include editing effects, such as contrast, saturation, vignette, among others.

It is also up to the user to add the text in the place they think best, choose the ideal font, color and opacity. If you want, you can include themed stickers and photos made on the spot or from the cell phone gallery.

The images made through the program get a watermark and to remove it it is necessary to pay a certain amount. By paying a little more, you can also unlock all paid backgrounds and stickers.

Invitation Maker is available for Android and iOS devices.

5. Avoid

More than an invitation maker, Evite works as a kind of event manager. The app allows you to create and share the event link via SMS with your contacts.

The virtual invitation is available within a service page, which can give a more professional look to the party. It is also possible to send the link via WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook post, Direct on Instagram, among other options.

The management tool allows you to manage confirmed attendances, send messages to all guests and include activities.

Another differential of the program is the possibility to create animated invitations. Thus, you can choose a model with a flying unicorn, lasers being fired, heroes with capes in the wind, among others. It is worth noting that not all templates they are lively and some of them are paid.

In Additional options, you can tell whether guests can take people to the event as well as authorize sharing the invitation with third parties. Another interesting feature is to allow guests to share photos of the party via the event page.

A negative point concerns the editing possibilities, which are quite restricted. The user can only change the textual content. This means that you can enter only the event title, date, time, address, telephone and include a message to the guests.

To use the service, you need to create an account on the app using your Facebook or Google login details or by associating with an email account.

Evite is available for Android and iOS devices.

6. Desygner


Desygner is yet another option for creating templates with several options ideal for those without knowledge of image editing or design. It is one of the best choices for those who want to print the invitation.

This is because the program allows you to save the invitation in JPG or PDF, which guarantee a good print quality. If the idea is to publish it on a website, it is also possible to save the content in PNG, which keeps the background of the image transparent.

To find the invitation templates, you need to drag the tabs at the top of the home screen until you see the option. Before selecting the model, define the print format: square, A5 or 5Ă—7 inches.

After deciding for layout, you can change it, changing the font style, size and color, as well as the background color and image. Virtually all elements can be edited in the user’s way. Even the colors of the graphic elements that make up the invitation, such as icons and drawings, can be changed.

When all changes are completed, the invitation can be shared via email, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, among other options. Or saved in PDF, JPEG or PNG on your phone.

Desygner is available for Android and iOS.

7. Unicorn Birthday Invitation

Unicorn birthday invitation

Unicorn Birthday Invitation is a simpler invitation maker than the others. But it is perfect for those looking for layouts neat with this magical being that is in fashion.

Being more trivial, it also ends up being easier to use. To view the templates, just touch the arrows to the right or left. When you like one, just tap on to edit the text. Among the resources are the types of font, font color and outline, thickness and positioning.

Work done, just go on Share to save the image on your phone or share the invitation via WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook, SMS, among other options,

The Unicorn Birthday Invitation is only available for Android.

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