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The 6 Coolest Android Tricks You Can Do Without Root

Many people find that you have to go through the difficult process of accessing your Android device root to get the most out of it. While root opens a world of new possibilities, there are many interesting Android tricks that don't need it. Here are six of our favorite things you can do on your Android device without going through the root process.

Lock your phone remotely

There is nothing worse than losing your phone other than losing your phone and knowing that someone may have access to your data. But do you know what is great? Feeling like James Bond by remotely locking your device so that no one gets your information.

Using Android Device Manager, you can take back control of your device if you lose it. You can even delete all your data if you want to go so far. Check out our guide to using this app well:

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Turn on the Lock screen setting to prevent people from accessing your data / AndroidPIT (screenshot)
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Find my device
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Ignore your safety (in a safe area)

Setting up a trusted location means that your device does not require a security code when you use it there. Although there is a risk in doing this in public places because you are facilitating entry into your phone is a cool trick to use at home.

The way it works varies depending on your device, but it involves going through security settings and setting up a secure unlocking method, such as a PIN code (if you haven't already done so).

Once this is done, go to Smart lock, enter your PIN number, then press Trusted places. Add a trusted location and you no longer need to enter a PIN code to unlock your smartphone while you are there.

smart lock
Access Smart Lock Settings and set up a trusted location to circumvent your security / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

Record voice calls

Do you fancy working for the NSA or MI-5 and having the task of recording phone conversations without the other person knowing? If so, that's a shame, but if you want to record your conversations for whatever reason, you can do that using the right app. Many Android call recording apps require you to root your phone, but there are many who don't.

Opinion by Nicholas Montegriffo

Not fair to consumers that the phone's root can void your warranty

Automatic Call Recorder is a free and easy-to-use app that lets you set up voice recording on your device. Your manufacturer may have blocked call recording on your phone, but Auto Call Recorder has several options to circumvent these calls.

call recorder
Automatic Call Recorder does not need root to record calls / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

Call Recorder
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Install Linux on your Android device

Putting a complete desktop operating system, such as the Debian Linux distribution, on your Android phone may sound as if it requires a high level of hacking skill, but it's actually quite simple. There is a Debian app, Debian noroot, on the Play Store, which you can download for free and open on the Android home screen just like any other app.

androidpit turns android into pc
Your Android device can easily become a Linux PC / AndroidPIT

Once you have opened the app, you can download and install games and programs for Debian as you would any other version of Linux.

Debian noroot
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Use LED flash as heart rate monitor

Ok, we know that no root can give you a heart rate monitor if your device doesn't have a built-in device, but here is a trick. The technology behind heart rate monitors on Android devices is not practical, just a light that tracks color changes under the skin to monitor the amount of blood that passes through it.

With the right software, LED flash can also do this job. An application that we think does the job very well is Heart Rate Monitor, and you can download it from the link below.

heart rate
Monitor your heart rate without a dedicated heart rate sensor / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

Heart Rate Monitor
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Turn your navigation buttons into app shortcuts

Using specialized apps, you can assign various shortcuts to your navigation buttons, allowing you to access your favorite apps instantly from any screen. For example, I assign File Manager (which is extremely useful but not very sexy on my home screen) to a double tap of the start button, while I can open my camera on any screen by pressing the "Home" button next to "Back". .

Bonus Tip: Completely change the look and feel of your phone

This is not exactly a hack, but you can install a custom launcher to change almost every aspect of your device, without requiring root permissions. You will still have access to the same applications and features, but the way you access them can be totally different.

From whimsical 3D effects to creative themes and icons, the right launcher will make you fall in love with your smartphone again. Check out our list of top Android lauchers to learn more.

Buzz Launcher-Smart & Free Theme
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Do you use any Android superpowers that you can do without root? Tell us!

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