The 6 best tips for your Motorola device that you need to try now!

1 – Enable the file manager

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Have a file manager on your system / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

A file manager is a very useful app to better clean the internal space of your device, as well as being an essential tool for those who want to better understand the gadget you have. But instead of downloading a file manager from the store, how about using one that is already taking up space on your device? The Moto Files app is already in your phone memory, all you have to do is activate it.

To do this, go to the Play Store and look for Moto Files. In search is the first option to be the Moto app, appearing as Disabled. Sign in to the app and click Activate to get it up and running. It usually appears in your application drawer.

2 – Control your top bar

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Customize your bar! / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

When we have a lot of things turned on, it is normal for the top bar to be full of cones. But we don't always need them all, like Alarm, Headphones, NFC and others. And you can easily control all of this by accessing the System UI Tuner.

It is a feature offered by Motorola that has been much more complete, but with each new version of Android loses functions. For these tips, it was tested on Android Oreo, but pretty much the same on Android Nougat.

Open the device notifications by pulling the bar from top to bottom. Find the gear icon that leads to the settings and click it for 4 uninterrupted seconds. A message stating the activation of the System UI Tuner will appear.

Now go to Settings, and then System (in Nougat is already in the main area of ​​Settings). Click System UI Tuner and then Status Bar. A, you can have fun turning off information you don't want to see, including time, WiFi, anything.

3 – Remove app suggestion from drawer

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Now yes, only the apps in alphabetical order! / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

I like it, but there are a lot of people who don't like the suggestion of commonly used apps when they enter the app drawer of their Motorola. It is a banner with the four most used apps that is useful for those who frequently use such apps, but can annoy those who don't want to miss a line of apps popping up on their screen.

But turn off this very simple function. At Home, keep your finger pressed on the screen in an empty place. When three icons appear, choose Settings. There, disable App Suggestions and you're done, the bar will no longer appear. Enjoy to know the other adjustments of this area, which are very interesting.

4 – Change the shape of the cones

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A more Lenovo face for your Motorola? / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

Not so close to Motorola's pure Android has rounded up almost all app icons. Only a few rebels escape unharmed. But if you can't take it all rounded anymore, you can change their shape.

Come on, back to the same settings panel you accessed from Home to turn off app suggestions. In this same menu, go to Change cone shape and choose the preferred shape from the system pattern (round), square, squircle (a rounded square), circle and drop.

It's a good way to change the look of your device without having to get into ROMs or skins that, if not used carefully, can slow your smartphone or even lead to crashes.

5 – Enable and disable the virtual buttons

One of the most different functions of the new Motorola is the ability to use the system without the traditional three system buttons: back, home and multitasking. From the Moto app you can turn these features on and off, just the way you prefer.

Go to the Moto app, and then select Moto Aes, and then turn Navigation on or off in one touch. Disabling, the bottom bar with the three buttons appears. Activating, the bar disappears and navigation is exclusive to the biometric sensor, in the following scheme: a short touch goes to home, middle touch locks the screen with any finger and unlocks with subscribers, long touch opens Google Assistant, swipe to Left turn, swipe right opens the apps you used last.

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Explore the Moto app, cool / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

6 – Access your last used app

And if you chose to stick with the bottom bar, here's a last tip. If you are using two apps often and find it annoying to have to go multitasking all the time to switch to the other app, your problems are over.

Just double tap the multitasking button (the square) that you will switch between the last two apps used quickly without having to go through the list.

Did you like the tips? Which ones did you put into practice?

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