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The 5 New Apps in the Play Store You Should Try

Today we made a list of the 5 most recent apps added to the Play Store, which often go unnoticed by users. Among utility games, we have 2 applications developed in Brazil that certainly worth your download.

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5 new apps released on the Play Store. ANDROIDPIT

Pocket Guide

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Pocket Guide promises to get you out of personal spending. / ANDROIDPIT
<p>We open the list with an application developed in Brazil, which promises to help users with their financial expenses. The app features charts and controls that help track financial income. It is possible to register credit cards and bank account in unlimited quantity. Developers are committed to connecting financial institutions through technologies that manage personal control and connect users to major banks in the country. Worth the download!</p><div class=

GuideBayment Financial Control
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Wear Hydrate Me

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Special application for those who use Android Wear. / ANDROIDPIT
<p>Even in the midst of the water problems that the country has gone through, staying hydrated is a must. Here is an app for Android Wear devices such as Sony Smartwatch, Moto 360 and Galaxy Gear, all available in Brazil. The app notifies the user through vibration in the wrist, the most appropriate times to drink water. After the first month, the user will keep track of their hydration progress. </p>
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Wear Hydrate Me
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Don't miss that person of sight with WhatsDog anymore. / ANDROIDPIT
<p>Here is an app for the plant curious! Whatsdog brings notification of when your contacts go online, allowing you to view how many times, days, and hours a particular contact has been available. Even if you are blocked by the user, interestingly the app notifies contacts who have occasionally blocked you. So, how about giving that peek?</p>
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A game at least similar to the classic Monument Valley, but in a free version. The steps are blocked and you have to beat the records set in each to proceed. The graphic details are good, and gambling requires a lot of concentration.

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Tilibra Selfie

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The kids will love a selfie with their favorite character. / ANDROIDPIT
<p>The affordable selfie fashion for all kids with Tilibra Selfie! The company known for the manufacture of notebooks and school items launches an application aimed at children. With the camera of the device it is possible to add a cartoon next to the user, all being free. Garfield, Draculaura, Betty Boop, Snoopy, Ben 10, Bart Simpson, Power Rangers, among other characters are available. </p>
<p>So which app on our list did you like the most?</p>
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