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The 5 most bizarre inventions of the smartphone era!

Have you bought the presents for Christmas? For do not worry that here you will not find any. We have prepared a list of the most absurd inventions you can find for your Android. They are so useless that you can complete your secret enemy list. See s.

The era of smartphones a golden opportunity to create. Just think that we are facing a device that will reach 2 billion users in 2016. Among the hundreds of gadgets that we see every month, there are some very useful and others totally strange and unnecessary. Here you see some.

1. HoodiePillow

Not sure what to do at bedtime with your smartphone, and besides that your ears get cold? For Hoodie Pillow can be the solution. This cushion has a discreet pocket where you can put your device and a very large hood so you won't hear it if you start playing. You can put your headphones inside the pillow, and if you fall asleep with them, your ears will hurt so much the next day that you will want to cut them off. A very interesting invention that is also available in beach or pool versions.

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The integrated pillow / hood for smartphones. / HoodiePillow
<h2>2. Delta415 Jeans</h2>
<p>Want to use your smartphone without taking it out of your pocket? Delta415 jeans are a wonder that will allow you to use your Android in a super stylish pocket. It comes covered with a plastic that allows you to use any smartphone with a touchscreen. To respond to WhatsApp, simply open the entire pocket zip, as you can see on the video. This is one that lasts 3 minutes longer than taking your smartphone off the hook like we do all the time. Really, a piece of clothing that everyone wants to have under the Christmas tree.</p>
<p>Unfortunately, it looks like this amazing product is out of print. Let's hope you come back soon.</p>
<h2>3. Selfie stick</h2>
<p>When this Japanese invention was created, it instantly rose to the top 5 most absurd inventions for smartphones. Their sales soared, and soon became normal on the streets. But let's think for a moment: selfie is a picture you take of yourself, and the grace is that it is taken with the arm's detachment. What is the point of taking a selfie two meters away? The essence of selfie is completely lost. This is not a selfie stick, an instrument not to be missed so that someone takes a picture from two meters away. Without doubt, the most successful absurd invention of the history of accessories.</p>
<p>If you want one, check out our selfie stick review:</p>
<figure><img alt=
We test and approve! / ANDROIDPIT

4. Popdesk

In the background, you do not want a smartphone. What does an analogue phone want without knowing. That's why Popdesk brings us this proposal: convert our cell phone into a regular phone. You come home and connect you to a dock so you have to get up from the couch whenever you call, which everyone is well aware of. It is important to place this gadget far away from where we are sitting (or better yet, lying down), so as to have the essence of an analog phone in its splendor: distant, uncomfortable and not mobile at all.

popdesk hero
Calm down, it is also compatible with Android. / Popdesk

5. TV Hat

Forget about virtual reality gadgets like Gear VR. With TV Hat you can feel in a movie theater by putting your smartphone in that kind of dark-room hat. It offers compatibility for both Android and iPhone smartphones. It is especially suitable for people behind the wheel. Due to patent problems, the two little bottles on top of the cap with a straw reaching the mouth could not be integrated into the gadget, but according to the latest rumors, your successor arrive with a popcorn bowl, which you can fish with your tongue.

TV Hat can be purchased on its official page, where we can see that it has found its target audience.

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TV Hat is a sales success. / TvHat
<p>Which invention do you prefer? Know another weirdness for smartphones?</p>
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