The 5 Best Linux Distros for Older Computers

See what are the best options for Linux distros for weak and old computers

Wanting to "give new life" to your beloved old computer, the one that has helped you for several moments of your life but is now outdated to support current operating systems? So let's fix this!

Weak computer

Don't let your preciousness die!

Certain machines are like kids for tech-lovers, and it's a shame to disable them or throw them away, which you may not know that virtually any machine can have a use, even if it's just for surfing the internet thanks to Linux.

Linux in addition to taking care of the world's most powerful machines, NASA supercomputers and other institutions, a good example this amazing machine that runs Ubuntu, Linux, for its flexibility, can run on just about anything that has a processor and a bit of memory.

The interface making the difference

The system itself can help but the interface that makes the difference, so computers that have very limited hardware will benefit from simple interfaces like LXDE.

Here is a list of distros that I find very useful to use on older computers:

My chosen

Of course everything will depend on how bad your machine is, but overall I would choose the LubuntuIt runs on computers launched in the early 2000s without much effort.

We talk about him in this video, check it out:

I like Lubuntu because it is based on Ubuntu, is constantly updated, looks attractive despite its simplicity and is very light with a huge repository!

Of course there are always more options, there are more Linux distros than gremistas crying after the last GRENAL (Mals a, I could not resist! haha), so you can collaborate through comments by incrementing options.

What is your favorite light distro?

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