The 4 biggest mistakes to avoid when importing a smartphone

You have already decided: you will really import a smartphone or other electronics. If you've come to this decision, you've probably read a little about it, you know some common things to expect, you know the device you want, and you got tips from friends, and you've read and seen some reviews of the product you want. Congratulations!

Here on AndroidPIT we have a few more articles, which you can check out below, to help you make a purchase as smooth as possible, but today I bring the biggest mistakes you should avoid when making your purchase. I know you already know what you want, but it costs nothing to check this extra checklist, anyway?

1. Buy unknown brands

Buying products in China will be cheaper most of the time, but think about it: if you're already saving so much, why not get a good brand right away? There are several great manufacturers that sell at good prices, like Xiaomi, OnePlus, Oppo, to stay in just a few.

broken scren phone trash 02
Buy bad or worse brand, fake, throw money away / AndroidPIT

In addition to a device of dubious origin will be much more likely to cause problems and leave you in hand, it may simply not work on the mobile network when it arrives in Brazil, thanks to Anatel's block. Do you know those replicas of Samsung Galaxy S10, HiPhones and other unbranded devices? Get out of this trap, invest a little more and be happy.

2. Do not separate money for the (im) provided

The product came and you there, with the little money. The Revenue decides to check your package and apply the tax provided by law, 60% over the value of the device plus your freight. And now? You just had enough value for the smartphone, which has already been discounted by the Chinese website.

Screenshot 2018 08 13 at 14.16.29
One OnePlus 5T turned three, real story / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

Now you will have to refuse the receipt, the device will return to China (and it will probably take a while to get back to the site) and you will need to negotiate with the site support for a refund, relying on the goodwill of the people you answer for you to quickly review your money.

3. Do not compare prices before buying

Got it with Chinese site, too? Yes, fortunately. There are some more famous sites, cited by your friends and youtubers of your choice, and you need to know which ones and check them all out. This is because, as competition is so great, there are all the time promotions, coupons and discounts that make this or that a better choice.

xiaomi mi 8 lite 03
The same handset, like this Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite, can have great price variation on Chinese websites, like here in Brazil / AndroidPIT

Keep an eye on shipping. Some sites do not send some products to Brazil, and others have charged a very high price for this. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find a good free shipping, and you need to remember this when it comes to raising money and preparing if the problem of the previous tip happens.

4. No tracking and securing package

Finally, don't even think about choosing the cheapest freight, which gives you neither a tracking code nor insurance. Your hard earned money is worth spending a little more on these two items that will ensure your safety in case the product arrives late or not.

Ducato Post Office T
Anxiety to see this van coming to your door / AndroidPit

Install an order tracking app and enter the number you receive as soon as you arrive, and keep track. When you arrive in Brazil, keep an eye on the website My Mail Import. And if you have any problems, trigger the insurance, which is often paid quickly and effectively.

What other mistakes do you think should be avoided?

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