Os 25 seriados de comédia que precisa assistir

The 25 comedy series you need to watch

If many people preferred to watch movies before, now it is the series that reign. Not only are there many different genres to choose from, but there are also series of different lengths, for both episodes and seasons. This makes the experience much more versatile and guarantees entertainment for a longer time in the long run, despite the smaller sessions. For those who like comedy series, there are also many options.

Incidentally, for those who want to watch indie shows of this type, we have separated some of the best comedy series. Many of them can be seen on TV, Netflix or other apps to watch movies and series. To check out our series suggestions, just take a look at the list below!

1. The Good Place

To start our list of comedy series, we have The Good Place. This is a relatively recent series that has 4 seasons that you can enjoy directly on Netflix.

It tells the story of Eleanor, who died after living a very selfish life and appears in a kind of paradise by mistake. To try to earn her place there, she tries to become a better person and asks for help from the man who has been designated as her soul mate.

It is clear that the whole experience of seeing a bad person trying to understand how to improve while deceiving the rest of the population of paradise is very funny. If you want something of quality and newer, this is your best option.

2. Seinfeld

Moving on to something totally classic, we have Seinfeld. Anyone who knows her knows that one of those that could not be missing from our list of comedy series.

In addition to being the biggest hit of the 1990s, it is still considered the best comedy series ever made. In fact, it also appears as one of the best series independent of its genre, alongside works like Breaking Bad and The Sopranos.

Still, she is just a normal sitcom and with very accessible humor. Its differential was to popularize the formula of friends living in the big city and having their daily situations represented in the episodes.

Instead of being very cheerful and positive like other sitcoms, she bets on very self-centered protagonists and without any tactics. This ends up making it very different and more fun and unpredictable than the others.

3. Friends

Now if you really prefer a lighter and more positive sitcom, Friends is probably your best bet. She is a lighter version of Seinfeld, both in humor and in her characters.

Other than that, the standard and formula is very similar and it helped her to be quite successful in the 1990s and 2000s as well. It shows 6 friends living in New York and has 10 seasons.

Even today we see rumors about possible episodes or films that mark the meeting of the characters. Who knows, we may not see this coming true one day.

4. Curb Your Enthusiasm

Curb Your Enthusiasm is another comedy series that could not be missing here. She was raised and starred or Larry David, who was one of Seinfeld's co-creators.

The cool thing is that the series has a very interesting and different premise, since it shows a fictional version of Larry. Basically, we followed his life after Seinfeld's ending and what he's been up to.

As he is very implicit with everything around him, he always ends up getting into arguments and petty situations. Each episode is a giant confusion created by very insignificant details.

Best of all, almost all dialogues are improvised by the actors. Only the situations and what should occur scripted.

5. The Office

The Office is one of the most popular comedy series on our list. The original British series was so successful that it had no less than 10 other adaptations around the world.

The most famous version of these adaptations is the American, which lasted 9 seasons. All versions work in a very similar way, where we follow the daily life of an office where several people work.

Everything was recorded as if it were a documentary, which already makes it very different. As each one has his favorite, we recommend that you watch both British and American.

Each has a very different mood, so like watching another series practically.

6. That ’70s Show

If you want a sitcom with a different theme, we recommend That ’70s Show. As the name implies, the series takes place during the 1970s and tries to capture the essence of this time.

In general, we accompany a group of teenage friends as they grow up, graduate, find jobs and think about what to do in the future. The series is full of old references, which can be cool both for those who lived at that time and for those who just want to know more about it.

7. How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother starts with protagonist Ted telling his teenage children how he met their mother. With that, we see several memories of Ted and his best friends.

This turns out to be all the dynamics of the series, and it takes him a long time to really tell how he met the future mother of his children. She is very funny and has 9 seasons for those who want to start a new marathon

8. South Park

Considering that there are so many great animation series that hang to the side of the comedy, it was impossible to leave them out. Our first suggestion of this type is South Park.

It is not only one of the best animations ever made, but also more funny than many series with real actors. Each season focuses on very current themes, as the episodes are made about a week before they air.

9. The Simpsons

If we're going to talk about comedy animations, The Simpsons couldn't be missing either. A little in front of South Park, this series already has 30 seasons and should continue for some time.

They also always address current issues, although they are not as fast as South Park when producing their episodes. Some say that the peak of the series has passed years ago, but it is still very funny and funny.

10. Monty Python’s Flying Circus

comedy series monty python

If you like British comedy shows, Monty Python’s Flying Circus is an obvious tip. The work aired from the late 1960s until the mid-1970s and is considered one of the most influential to date.

It is worth mentioning that this is a series of sketches in groups and not with a simple plot. There are also a number of excellent quality films by the group and you can check them out on Netflix if you want.

11. Veep

Veep accompanies a former senator named Selina Meyer, who recently had the opportunity to fill the post of US vice president. With that, we see the backstage of his political life in general.

The best thing is that she is almost always hoping that something happens to the president so that she can occupy the position herself. It is one of the best suggestions of comedy series that we can give.

12. 30 Rock

Another good American comedy in a different format 30 Rock. In it, we accompany Liz Lemon, the main screenwriter of a comedy sketches program.

She has to deal with the pressure of her work, her arrogant boss and many eccentric celebrities. All sort of based on the experiences of the actress, screenwriter and director Tina Fey at the time she worked for the Saturday Night Live program.

13. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

For those who don't like sitcoms so much, but still prefer the American sense of humor, there are series like Brooklyn Nine-Nine. She follows several stories of a police station and its investigators.

All done with a lot of humor, of course, even in apparently violent crimes. The series already has 6 seasons and there is still no forecast to end.

14. Louis

If you liked the premise of Curb Your Enthusiasm, Louis is worth checking out. She also follows the life of comedian Louis C.K, who plays a fictional version of himself.

Despite being a comedy, she has a heavier sense of humor and even a little sad at times. Episodes rarely have a positive conclusion, so it’s good to take this into consideration if you’re watching.

15. Extras

extra comedy series

Extras are another series you should consider, especially if you are a fan of British humor. In fact, she was created and starred by Ricky Gervais, the creator and protagonist of the original The Office.

This time, he plays an actor who works more as an extra in movies and series, but who dreams of becoming a successful actor and screenwriter. Each episode features a very famous actor playing a super exaggerated and self-centered line of himself.

16. I Love Lucy

The oldest on our list, I Love Lucy is considered one of the best comedy shows in the world. The work was aired in the 1950s and even though it has very different situations than we are used to, still very funny.

The episodes focus on the life of a housewife who tried several jobs to enter the show business business. It is very worthwhile if you want to see something classic and that propelled several comedies on American TV.

17. Mr. Bean

Another very cool suggestion for those who like British humor, Mr. Bean. She has the main character in various situations of daily life that are becoming absurd.

She has practically no dialogue, so all her grace is really in those situations. The interesting thing is that despite having aired over 5 years, it has only 15 episodes.

18. Arrested Development

A good recommendation for those who like different comforts Arrested Development. It shows the life of a family that used to be successful in their business, but whose patriarch ended up being accused of fraud.

They lose practically everything they have conquered and the eldest son is left to try to maintain some sanity in the family. The series has always had high praise from critics, but a rather weak audience led to its cancellation.

Fortunately, Netflix got not only the rights to make the series available, as it ordered new seasons. So there is no better time to start watching the series.

19. Community

Another good suggestion for those who like American comedies Community. It shows a group of adults who decided or needed to attend a community college in the United States.

The characters could not be more different from each other, which always ends up generating controversies between them. a very light and fun comedy to watch to distract yourself.

20. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

fresh prince comedy series

If you are a fan of Will Smith, chances are you have watched at least a few episodes of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Even after 30 years since its debut, the series remains funny and a lot of fun.

It tells the story of a teenager named Will who was sent by his mother to live with his wealthy uncles in a privileged neighborhood in California. As his life was much simpler and different before, he and his family have some adaptation problems.

21. Rick & Morty

Another series of animation featuring more adult content Rick & Morty. Despite having only three seasons, it is one of the best known and most successful animations today.

She originally aired on Cartoon Network on her adult and nighttime block known as Adult Swin. If you don't have access to Cartoon, you can also check the episodes on Netflix, one of the best apps for watching movies and series.

22. Parks & Recreation

Parks & Recreation is another place you can't miss, especially if you like shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine and The Good Place. After all, they were all co-created by the same person and have a very similar mood.

It shows the work of a director in the park and recreation department of a fictional American city. It may not seem so fun with this short summary, but we guarantee that it is one of the funniest comedy series on that list.

23. Futurama

If you're a fan of The Simpsons, there's no reason to stop checking out Futurama. The two series were created by Matt Groening and have some similarities in style and humor, despite very different premises.

If you don't know her very well, this series focuses on a pizza delivery man named Fry, who was accidentally frozen and only wakes up after a thousand years. He doesn't just have to deal with the fact that everyone he knew died centuries ago, like the fact that the world is totally different than before.

24. Modern Family

Another very famous series that has had several Modern Family seasons. It shows nothing less than the lives of three very different families, each having to deal with their problems and the way they interact with each other.

The series had 10 seasons and ended recently, so a good time to start her marathon. Certainly one of the comedy series that is most worth checking out.

25. Bojack Horseman

Even being considered a comedy series, Bojack Horseman is not for everyone. Although she has many humourous situations, she still deals with heavy matters and has a less convenient sense of humor.

It shows the story of a successful old actor who never resumed his peak after the end of the series he starred in. The episodes show his daily life and his attempt to resume a healthier life.

Easily one of the best Netflix series of recent times. I just need to be in the right mood to watch it.

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