The 15 best quiz apps for Android

It can always be a lot of fun to take a quiz, especially if it's about a topic that interests you a lot. Only on Android, for example, you can find several quiz apps that you can install and use in your spare time to be distracted.

There are apps on general topics, food, movies, countries and more. In case you are curious to know which ones, you can check our list of suggestions of the best quiz apps below!

1. Trivial Movies Quiz

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To start our list, we have the Trivial Movies Quiz. This is one of the best quiz apps for those who love movies and think they know everything about the seventh art.

He has hundreds of questions on the subject, from older films to newer ones. You have about 30 seconds to give your final answer, so I donā€™t have to think long before.

The cool thing is that the app is always getting updates, which makes sure to see new questions from time to time. Check out more at the link below.

2. World History

Then we have a perfect app for anyone who is more interested in historical facts. The World History app has no less than 150 questions for different periods of history for the user.

Its interface is still very beautiful and pleasant, something that we don't always see in quiz apps like that. The cool thing that the user gets up to a joke certificate when he successfully finishes the questions. The app can be found on Google Play Store.

3. Food Quiz

Although this is not such a common subject for a quiz, it can be quite interesting to answer food questions. Overall, it is one of the simplest on our list, but it is still fun.

A food icon to be guessed is shown on the screen and you need to choose the right letters to write your name. There are more than 6 thousand different foods, so I can respond without fear of seeing something repeated. The app can be downloaded on your Android.

4. Trivial Football Quiz

There is no denying that Brazil is one of the countries that most loves football. So, we can not stop including in our quiz apps, an app that talks exclusively about the subject.

There are hundreds of questions about players, championships, stadiums and more. The good thing is that as you get it right, the questions get more challenging. You can check more through the link.

5. Asked

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Asked Questions is a much more comprehensive application compared to what we've seen so far. It does not focus on just one subject and, in fact, divides into several categories that the user can choose from.

In this way, you can select questions about science, art, geography, history, music, etc. one of the best quiz apps for anyone looking for something more complete. You can download it directly from the Google Play Store.

6. QuizUp

The QuizUp another application that covers several different subjects. You can choose a specific subject or several themes that you want to answer in a mixed way.

The cool thing is that you can play it with friends or other unknown users in a friendly competition. It even has a world ranking to show who are the best at answering questions. It is currently available on Android.

7. Trivial Geography Quiz

For those who like Geography, this is easily one of the best apps you can try. The Trivial Geography Quiz asks questions about cities, countries, flags, monuments and more.

There are thousands of very detailed and varied questions, and you have 30 seconds to answer each one. Other than that, each round has 10 questions and they get more difficult over time. Check out more on the Google Play Store.

8. Flags and Capitals of the World

Of course, you may like Geography, but want a more specific app. In the case of Flags and Capitals of the World, we have an app that focuses directly on these two issues for your questions.

It has no less than 200 flags and cities in the world, and you have 20 seconds to give your answers. Everything is divided into levels of difficulty, which makes it very challenging. The app is available through the following link.

9. 94 seconds

Among our quiz apps, 94 seconds is one of the most different. In it, you receive a theme and a letter, making it necessary to guess the correct word in just 94 seconds.

There are about 50 different themes, including sports, music, books, movies, anatomy, etc. The coolest thing you can play with your friends competitively if they also have the app. You can check our Android.

10. GuessIT

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GuessIt is another cool app to play with friends. In it, one or more people see a word on the smartphone screen and need to try to give you tips so you can guess which one.

The best is that there is a time limit for you to guess the word, which can make your friends try to give clues more desperately in the end. There are many different themes that you can choose from, which also makes the game more fun. It is possible to download the app through the link.

11. True or False

This is one of the most interesting quiz apps, as you only need to answer whether a statement is real or false. They are statements about different topics and need to be answered quickly.

The interesting thing is that you will find many facts mixed with false details to try to catch you off guard. Great for even playing with a friend. Check out more through the Google Play Store.

12. Quiz: Logo Game

The Quiz: Logo Game is not very different from what its name indicates. In it, you see the logo of several famous brands and you need to guess where they are from as soon as possible.

There are almost 3,000 different logos, so I can't complain about the lack of variety. The interesting thing is that the logos are divided into groups of difficulty, something that makes the app more complex. You can check the app through the link.

13. Pyramid Quiz

Pyramid Quiz is one of the most fun quiz apps on the list. You start at the base of a pyramid and need to climb to the top by winning several rounds of 10 questions each.

There are several different categories that you can include in your pyramid, making the game even more challenging. The interface is also pleasant and very easy to use. You can check out more on the Google Play Store.

14. General Knowledge Quiz

Here we have another interesting application for those looking for something with different themes in a single package. The General Knowledge Quiz can give you questions about mixed themes or just one topic at a time.

The cool thing is that it can be experienced in about 16 different languages, which is interesting for those who are learning other languages. You can check more through the link.

15. Animal Quiz

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<p>Finally, we have a special application for those who love animals. The Animal Quiz has 161 unique questions about the most diverse species that exist around the world.</p>
<p>Other than that, there is also a true or false mode that you can use to try. If you get most of the questions right, still earn a play certificate for your knowledge. Check out more on the Google Play Store.</p>
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Did you take advantage of our list to discover some of the best quiz apps you can use to test your knowledge? So don't forget to leave your comment telling us what you think and if there are other apps of this type that you would like to know.