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The 12 Best Tips for Enjoying Deezer

I wouldn't have to start this article by remembering how the smartphone became our biggest media player, but I just did it. Virtually no one else uses Discman, Walkman and even iPods and MP12 are already in disuse as our phones now play music not only in internal memory but also in streaming mode. One of the most famous services is Deezer, and today I bring tips to make better use of this app.

Deezer is one of Brazil's most popular streaming services, along with Spotify and, to a lesser extent, Google Play Music and Apple Music. With playlists made by the publishers and following the latest trends, I bet there will be a lot of people in the comments saying they use and subscribe to Deezer. Let's get tips:

Get a free premium subscription with TIM

AndroidPIT OI operator 1561
Free Premium Deezer with TIM / AndroidPIT

Several TIM carrier post, pre and control plans offer offers for you to enjoy Deezer. Some offer the subscription for a lower price and do not discount their franchise's music data, and others, such as TIM Beta, offer the premium subscription for free and also do not deduct the franchise data. It is worth noting that the non-discounted use of the franchise does not extend to radio and podcasts (thanks Cristiano!).

Mirror on Chromecast

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  Enjoy your home theather / AndroidPIT by Stella Dauer
<p>Smartphone sound is not always what you prefer when listening to music, and maybe your TV has a much better sound power. If you have a Chromecast, you can use Deezer on your TV by simply turning on your TV and Google device. When playing a song, you will see the broadcast icon in the upper right corner. Tap it, choose your Chromecast and enjoy the music.</p>
<h2>Identify songs</h2>
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If you're one of those who use Google's music identifier or some service like Shazam to figure out the name of that awesome song, it's a nice thing for Deezer to come with such a native function in the app. To use, just go to the Search section on the top tab and click on SongCatcher. He finds the track and already suggests adding it to favorites or a playlist.

Use apps inside Deezer

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  Playlist Disney, eeee / AndroidPIT (screenshot)
<p>Yes, applications exist within Deezer. Their uses are not very clear, and you need to go one by one to know what they do. In the My Music section, you find Apps on the bottom line, and check out apps like Disney, which in addition to testing give you quicker access to the company's movie music and series. Other apps include radio, music awards, artists, concerts, carnival and some of Deezer's own. Also of access to videos.</p>
<h2>Choose audio settings according to your connection.</h2>
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When you're on the screen that shows the track playing, an option at the bottom called audio takes you to audio settings, which can be based on your connection, saving data or enjoying the freedom of Wi-Fi, boosting the quality of the music. . There is also a balanced profile and one that you assemble yourself. You can also choose streaming quality and adjust the sound to your liking with a built-in equalizer.

Deezer Labs

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  Test features in Beta / AndroidPIT (screenshot)
<p>To try out new features of the app, Deezer makes available to the user a lab where it puts beta functions to be tested. Some are available in the normal version, but many others need your input to the Beta program. If you want to try it, just follow the procedures in this link.</p>
<h2>Get access to the lyrics</h2>
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Many people who like music also like to drop their voice with their favorite artist. It's a bit annoying to have to search every letter on the internet or on some lyrics site. On the screen of the track you are playing, tap the Lyrics button and sing a lot.

Leave what you hear private

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  No one else will know that you listen Dua Lipa / AndroidPIT (screenshot)
<p>Sometimes we want to hear those songs that really aren't part of our repertoire. How do you look after friends if your tracks show up for them? You can turn off the track sharing option by going to the browser version of Deezer, and then to your profile photo> Account Settings> Notifications & Sharing> Make My Profile Private (only you can see what you're listening to).</p>
<h2>A song that pulls another</h2>
<figure><img alt=

If you want to know about other songs that have to do with your favorite music or artist taste, a feature in Deezer Labs helps with that. Go to My Music> Gear Button> Deezer Labs> Music Mix. He suggests a mix of tracks to match the music you're listening to based on the artist and genre of that moment.

Music without breaks

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  Crossfade between songs / AndroidPIT (screenshot)
<p>Don't like the silence between one track and another? Going to My Music> Gear Button> Deezer Labs> Crossfade Duration You choose that within 10 seconds before the current track ends, the next one starts, with a smooth transition.</p>
<h2>Listen before bed, but not all night</h2>
<figure><img alt=

Many people like to listen to quiet music before bed, but they don't want to drain their smartphone battery by letting the tracks run all night. Going to My Music> Gear Button> Deezer Labs> Hibernate you set a time from 1 to 360 minutes for the music to play until you enter sleep mode.

Access functions quickly

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  Quick shortcuts / AndroidPIT (screenshot)
<p>For those who already have Notification Dots on Android, very interesting shortcuts are available. In the Deezer cone in your home, keep your finger pressed. You'll have quick access to search, Flow mode play and music recognition. This last is useful, because the shorter the time to access this function, the more chances to get the music in time.</p>
<p><strong>And you? Got any tips you usually use on your Deezer?</strong></p>
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