The 10 largest companies in the world of Informatics

When we talk about IT companies we are referring to all companies that directly or indirectly offer technology products and services, from electronic Internet services to similar areas.

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Let's go to the list:

1.IBM (Computers)

IBM is the largest computer company, mainly manufacturing supercomputers.

It was established in 1888 and is based in the United States.

IBM has about 400,000 employees worldwide.

IBM slogan: A Smarter Divine


Microsoft (Software)

Microsoft is an American company founded in 1974 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen.

Microsoft is responsible for producing the largest operating system ever, Windows, and one of the most successful software packages in the history of computing, Microsoft Office.

Bill Gates has become one of the richest men in the world thanks to Microsoft's success.

It has about 90 000 employees worldwide.

Microsoft slogan: Be next


Google (Internet Services)

Google was founded in 1998 by Sergey Brin and Larry Page after they created the world's most popular search engine that bears the same name as Google.

From l to c, Google keeps growing, becoming one of the most valuable brands in the world today.

Google offers various Internet services, from email, advertising solutions, social networks, among others.

It has about 24 000 employees

Google slogan: Don't be evil


Intel (Electronics)

Intel specializes in the production of integrated circuits, especially microprocessors.

In fact, Intel is the world leader in microprocessor manufacturing.

It was founded in 1968.

Since the dawn of the first personal computers, Intel is the company that has been dictating the rules in Microprocessor production, changing the direction of the technology area with each new release.

Intel slogan: Leap ahead


Nokia (Electronics)

Nokia is the first company on this list to have originated outside the United States, and also the oldest since it was founded in 1865 in Finland although the electronics department only appeared in 1960.

Nokia is a leading manufacturer of mobile communication devices, especially mobile phones, having dominated 40% of this market in 2007.

It has about 60 000 employees.

Nokia slogan: Connecting People


HP (Electronics)

HP was founded in 1939 in California by Bill Hewlett and David Packard (Hewlett-Packard).

It currently operates the area of ​​computer production, printing materials, image processing and service software.

It has about 300 000 employees.

In 2010 HP bought Palm for about $ 1.2 billion.

HP slogan: invent


Sisco (Computer and Communication Networks)

Cisco emerged in 1984 and is now the leader in the computer networking market, offering solutions from manufacturing to selling networking products, primarily routers and switches, or even providing services through its various subsidiaries, such as the Linksys case.

It has about 66 000 employees

Sisco slogan: Welcome to the Human Network


Apple (Electronics)

Apple was founded by Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs in 1976 and was initially called Apple Computers.

Apple became famous for the manufacture of the Macintosh computer that had its own operating system, Mac OS.

Today Apple is a leader in many areas such as Smatphone with its iPhone, Tablets with its iPad and selling digital music with the iTunes Store.

It is one of the fastest-selling brands in the world and has about 20,000 employees worldwide.

Apple slogan: Think different


Samsung (Electronics)

Samsung is a company founded in 1936, headquartered in Seoul South Korea.

Samsung operates in various areas of technology including Cell Phones, CDs, DVDs, Cameras, TVs and more.

It is one of the highest earning companies in the world and is always following new market trends.

Currently it has tended to compete with Apple in the area of ​​tablets and smartphones although it has not yet achieved great success.

Samsung slogan: Imagine possibilities, Imagine Samsung


Oracle (Enterprise Software)

Oracle is a company that develops enterprise software, and its most famous product is the Relational Database Management System that bears the same name as the company.

Oracle recently bought Sun Microsystems, owning products such as the Java programming language and the MySQL Database Management System.

It was founded in 1977 and currently has about 63,000 employees.

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