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The 10 best social networking sites

Currently, it is much simpler to use dating apps to find someone for something more casual or serious than to try in person. Fortunately, some of the best dating sites out there are quite popular here in Brazil.

If you are curious and want to know which ones are worth using, just check out our tips. All suggestions from the best social networking sites are below!

1. Tinder

how to use tinder

To start our list, we can't talk about anyone other than Tinder. This is easily one of the best social networking sites you can find, after all, it is also one of the most used today.

By then, you can find a little bit of everything. From people looking for casual relationships, more serious or just friendships.

It can be used in the web version or through your mobile applications. Other than that, you choose the genre you prefer, the age group and provide a short description of yourself for your future precedents.

With all this done, you can only accept or reject the profiles that appear on your screen. If you accept someone who also accepted you, the app will match and you can chat. Check out more by accessing the link.

2. OkCupid

Another of the best social networking sites is OkCupid. It is easily one of the oldest sites, if not the oldest, on our list and remains very well and active today.

He is one of the most complete for those who really want to detail what they hope to find in a relationship. After all, you can establish several filters and make a much more in-depth profile.

Another legal factor is that he has many options when it comes to sexuality. So it ends up being a very interesting and open option for the LGBT community. You can check out more by visiting the official website.

3. Badoo

Another option of the old ones is that you must have heard of Badoo. It allows you to make a very complete profile about yourself, detailing your tastes, preferences and what you want to find on the website.

Its combination scheme is very similar to Tinder. You see several profiles and choose which ones you want to accept and which ones you prefer to reject at the moment.

With that done, you can chat through the app for an unlimited time if you match someone. You can access Badoo through its official website, but it also has mobile apps.

4. Bumble

Bumble really is one of the best social networking sites you can find today. It is very popular in several countries and has been growing more in Brazil recently.

Part of its success and popularity is due to many of its unique features. In addition to serving to find romantic relationships, it also has a section that is only for those looking for friendships, for example.

Other than that, only women can start conversations after the match is made. This ends up giving a very interesting sense of security to its users. You can check even more on the official website.

5. Perfect Pair

best perfect dating sites

ParPerfeito is a Brazilian site that is very suitable for those looking for another serious relationship. His focus turns out to be this rather than more casual relationships, as we see in Tinder, for example.

He is also much more restrictive with the number of people he shows. There are basically 11 different profiles every day, all based on your interests and preferences. You can check out more at the following link.

6. Lovoo

Lovoo may not be as well known as some of the other options we present, but it's a pretty cool option. It has millions of users and even has the possibility of video chat.

If you are still at home because of the quarantine, this function can be very interesting to have a remote meeting. And all without having to give your personal contact in another application to the person you are still meeting. You can check out more on the official website or through the mobile app.

7. Tastebuds

Another of the best social networking sites that we can recommend Tastebuds. He also has a somewhat different scheme for bringing people together who can match each other.

In this case, they do their best to bring together people who love music. It is not necessary to have the same kind of musical taste for this, but it is a way to share what you like and see what others also like to hear. Check out more at the link below.

8. Plenty of Fish

Plenty of Fish is another good option and may also appear under the name of POF in some versions. It is a very basic social networking site, but it is also completely free.

You create your profile with information you want to share, detail what you would like in a relationship and start to see other people's profiles. Just accept or reject those you want and wait for a match. If you want to try it, just check the official website.

9. Coffee Meets Bagel

The Coffee Meets Bagel has a very interesting proposal and different from the others that we showed above. Instead of showing you several options in a superficial way every day, it shows you only one person every 24 hours.

Only this is not based on age, gender and distance. You really have very interesting filters that can help you find people who match your tastes, preferences and personality.

Another interesting aspect is that after making a match with someone, you only have 8 days to chat through the app. This prevents that situation from matching someone and taking too long to talk to them or even to respond.

At Coffe Meets Bagel, you either chat and leave for a messaging app like WhatsApp and Telegram, or it all ends there in a week. A very interesting proposal that you check when accessing the link.

10. Facebook Dating

best facebook social networking sites

Finally, we have a very cool option that few people know exists. Yeah, even Facebook launched a dating platform for those looking for a relationship.

This service does not appear normally for anyone who already has a Facebook profile, because they know that not everyone would like it. To use the service, you need to activate a dating profile that will be mirrored in what you already use for Facebook.

You can make specific changes and see people who match you to match. The alternative is very interesting for those who like the social network and you can check more in the following link.

Did you like to know the best social networking sites?

Did you take advantage of our tips to get to know some of the best dating sites you can use? So don't forget to leave your comment telling us what you think of the suggestions.

Also tell us which relationship apps you liked best or which you prefer to use occasionally.