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The 10 Best Apps to Lower Your Belly

Losing weight, eating a balanced diet and getting more physical exercise are goals that most people have at some time of the year. This may even intensify during the holidays or near summer, but many people end up leaving everything aside after a while. Almost always, this is due to lack of motivation or something that keeps you in the mood. Fortunately, there are many fitness-focused applications and diets that serve exactly as a reminder to keep you on track. They can be very useful when it comes to lowering the belly and having a healthier body.

If you're curious about which apps can really help you get results, just check out our recommendations. The complete list is below!

1. Freeletics

lower belly freeletics

To start our list, we have one of the best known exercise apps, Freeletics. It can be used for free to some extent, but it offers customized plans for you to train and reach your goals without leaving home.

You select what you want from the exercises yourself, such as lowering your belly, and the app does a custom workout. So just follow this workout with video tutorials and a special timer for each series.

The app even sends you notifications to remind you and motivate you to continue training. As you select the days and time you have available, it is very practical to insert the workout on a daily basis. You can check more through the link.

2. 7-Minute Workout

7-Minute Workout is another app you can use to do home workouts to lower your belly. It's great for those who don't have a lot of daily time to work out, either because of work or studies.

As the name implies, it offers series that can be completed in up to 7 minutes. The activities are very intense, which makes up for the short training time. You can check it out for free through the link.

3. My Fitness Pal

Another app very well known for those who want to work out more My Fitness Pal. The coolest thing about this app is that it can be used both to perform physical activities and to assist you in the diet.

You customize your goals yourself, such as lowering your belly or toning your muscles, etc. An interesting feature is your barcode reader that tells you how many calories a food has. You can check out more through the official site.

4. All-in fitness

Another very complete app for exercise and diet is All-in fitness. If you want a little of everything in one app, it turns out to be one of the best options on our list.

It has hundreds of examples of physical activities, all of which are explained in video tutorials. Other than that, the app offers eating guides you want to eat healthily. You can check more through the link.

5. Google Fit

lose belly google fit

It was already expected that Google also had a fitness app option for its users. In this case, Google Fit is really useful, especially for those who want to lower their bellies.

You can use the app to track your progress during physical activities. You just need to have him with you while you are doing the exercises and make little notes of what he will not track alone.

This way, you can see your progress every day. The app still sets a goal of how much exercise time you should do daily. You can check more through the link.

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6. TecnoNutri

Since we talk a little about apps with the option to improve the feed, we can not fail to mention TecnoNutri. This is one of the best diet apps you can find.

You can set up your diet over there and know exactly how much calories you consumed during the day. Most importantly, it helps you monitor your health to make sure you're not overdoing it. You can check more through the link.

7. Diet and Weight Loss

Continuing in the feed apps, we have the Diet and Weight Loss. Basically it's a perfect app for those who are trying to be healthier and lowering their belly in the process.

It helps you maintain a healthy diet and lose weight without exaggeration. You can record all your meals and it shows you how many calories you consumed and even gives suggestions of what to eat next. You can check more through the link.

8. Diet and Health

Following on our list, we have a very cool Brazilian app for food. The Diet and Health is another that accompanies your eating habits, and the user himself can set the goals he wants to achieve.

The cool thing is that, unlike many others, this app also has its own diets if you are unsure or what food to follow. You can check more through the link.

9. Fitness Point

Already Fitness Point turns out to be a more useful application for those who already attend gym. This app gives you a variety of personalized training options based on the goals created by the user himself.

The difference is that not all exercises can be practiced at home, so the gym is a bit necessary. Fitness Point is still pre-programmed and allows you to choose the one you prefer. You can check more through the link.

10. Lose It

apps to lower belly lose it

Finally, we have Lose It, which focuses much more on weight loss. That is why for those who want to lower their bellies, there is no reason to stop trying it.

Just like some others, you can create your own goals and how you intend to achieve them. It also shows you calorie information so you know how much you have consumed during the day. You can check more through the link.

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Did you like these apps to lose belly?

Could you take our app recommendations to help you lose your belly? It's best to even use a combination of several of these apps to balance your diet with the exercises you choose to perform.

Just make sure to leave your comment telling us what you think of the apps and there is someone else you would like to see on the list!