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That's how I started using more than one Google account on Android

Many users, like me, use more than one Google account every day. However, few know that Android supports multiple accounts on a single device. Keep reading this article and learn how to add more than one email from Google to your Android and understand why this function is really useful.

Why do I find the function of multiple Android accounts useful?

Many of us have two Gmail accounts that we use for different purposes. In particular, I use the company account for work purposes, such as using Hangouts for meetings, for example, while my personal Gmail is for organizing my contacts between friends.

I recently purchased a Play Store gift card and have been using it to buy apps and rent movies. Since my device is for both work and personal purposes, keeping both accounts registered on Android means I don't have to access each email separately when I open a specific section or app.

I think the great advantage of keeping more than one Google account on the device is that you switch them whenever you need them within any Android app. In addition to these examples I mentioned, you can keep accounts from different countries on one device, for example.

What is the difference between adding account and owner?

Both features have different goals. The owner role is intended for users who share the same device with friends or family, for example. Creating a new owner account is a new environment enabled within Android, where the user who signs in for a particular account will not have the same access as the owner of the device.

This feature is designed for tablets, but works well with smartphones depending on the use of each user. You can think of this feature as the "guest account" in Windows for computers. To add, rename, or manage owner accounts on Android, follow the steps below:

  • Access system settings;
  • click in Devices> Users> Add;
  • If the "Add Users" option does not appear, touch Add User or Profile, select User, and then "OK"
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Owner's accounts setup panel. / ANDROIDPIT
<h2>How to add more than one Google account on Android</h2>
<p>Remember that in addition to enabling switching accounts within compatible applications, the new account can bring new information to the device, such as contacts, passwords, application information and personal data. Below is the tutorial for adding more than one Google account on Android:</p>
<li>Access the "System Settings";</li>
<li>Click on the "Accounts" option;</li>
<li>Select the "+ Add Account" button;</li>
<li>Sign in to your Google account and wait for the third example image below to appear.</li>
<figure><img alt=

Ready! Your Android has more than one Google Account added. As I mentioned before, if you don't want contacts and information to mix between accounts, click on the account name in the third example (above) and check the options you don't want to sync.

All Google apps support multiple accounts, such as Gmail, the Play Store, and Hangouts (all shown below). To see if the account is actually added, select the app's side menu and click the down arrow icon that appears next to your email address.

multiplascontasgooglenoandroidapp "sizes =" (max-width: 806px) calc (100vw - 24px), (max-width: 995px) 782px, (max-width: 1216px) calc (2 * (100vw - 30px) / 3) + 15px - 24px), 782px "src =" "srcset =" multiplascontasgooglenoandroidapp-w782.jpg 782w, 596w, jpg 450w, 336w, 300 " = "lazyload" />
Gmail (first), Play Store (center), and Hangouts (right) support multiple accounts. / ANDROIDPIT
<p>All information rotates as the user selects registered accounts, such as Hangouts dialogs and mailboxes.</p>
<h3>Do you use more than one Google account on Android? Do you find this feature really useful?</h3>
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