Texture will cost Apple coffers $ 485 million, report says

Texture will cost Apple coffers $ 485 million, report says

We have already talked about various aspects of buying Texture Apple, which ultimately gave rise to Ma's new subscription service, Apple News +. One of the points that had not yet been commented, however, was the amount paid by Cupertino for the company. So far.

A report from New york post brought some information on the subject: according to the information ascertained, Apple invest in all at least $ 485 million (almost R $ 1.9 billion) in the acquisition of Texture. The amount, however, was not paid at one stroke only at the time of purchase, Ma's terms are a little more complex than that.

According to the report, Apple initially paid $ 100 million to the four publishers that created Texture Cond Nast, Meredith, Hearst and Rogers and the investor who funded the project, KKR. In the first year of Apple News + operation, publishers will receive a total of $ 145 million more, and in the third and fourth years a minimum of $ 240 million.

If the information is real, Apple will have to work to gain a much larger user base. News + has had moderate public interest in its early life, with over 200,000 subscribers in 48h, but that number will often have to multiply if Apple wants to make the platform profitable and not lose money by buying Texture.

Admittedly, the $ 485 million was not randomly spent by Apple, the company, after all, would have all the conditions in the world to build a service from scratch. The amount invested by Cupertino can be considered much more as a way of approaching the publishers that founded Texture than a spending on technology itself.

Still, plenty of money and interesting to see Apple come up with strategies to make News + go. Do you have any guesses?

via AppleInsider