Apple Galleria Dallas

Texas stores in Texas will close soon; new store will open in Dallas

At the end of last month, we announced that two Apple Stores in the US state of Texas would close their doors after years of operation – apparently because of legal problems related to the constant patent infringement lawsuits that Apple receives in the region.

Now, the company has formally closed its activities in Frisco and Plano (districts north of Dallas) and has also announced the opening date of its new store in the Texas city, among other news. Shall we go to them?

Frisco and Plano

As we said, the Cupertino giant has not officially disclosed the reason for ending the activities of Apple Stonebriar and Apple Willow Bend, which will be open until April 12. In the case of Apple, the closing of two stores due to legal problems involving patent trolls it is unprecedented.

On the pages of these stores, Apple released a message celebrating the more than 17 (!) Years of operation in Plano and 9 years in Frisco. The employees of these stores are expected to be transferred to the new Apple unit in Dallas, as we will see below.


After confirming the closing date of the two stores mentioned above, Apple announced the opening of its new space in Dallas. Apple Galleria Dallas will open to the public on April 13 (the day after the end of activities in Plano and Frisco) at 10 am (local time).

Apple Galleria Dallas

The company’s new retail unit is on the first floor of the Galleria Dallas shopping center, known for its large ice-skating rink and giant glass dome. The store must follow the new design characteristics of the Apple Stores (including the Video Wall), offering several sessions of the Today at Apple.

According to 9to5Mac, some Dallas residents are concerned about the possible overcrowding of the thriving Apple Store in the city due to the conglomeration of the other two Frisco and Plano units, in addition to the fact that the store is located inside a shopping center.

To try to prevent this problem from happening, Apple NorthPark Center in Dallas and Apple Southlake Town Square, about half an hour from the city, have been renovated and are now able to receive even more customers. In addition to these facilities, Apple Knox Street will also be modernized later this year.

This means that soon, all Apple units in the region will have all the features / services that the most current Apple Stores have to offer, and may (or may not) relieve the new store in Dallas. As we said, the team at the company’s next location will be made up of employees from the stores that have closed.


In May, it will be two years since Apple opened its first (and only) store in Singapore, Asia, but news reported by the newspaper The Straits Times suggested that this could change soon. According to the report, the Cupertino giant is planning to open two more retail outlets in the country later this year.

Apparently, one of these would open at the brand new Jewel Changi airport, which is due to open next April. When opened, the terminal will be Singapore’s main airport and will feature more than 280 stores and a 40-meter-high waterfall.

The other unit is due to open near the Marina Bay Sands resort, in Singapore’s main shopping center. Currently, a reform is underway that (supposedly) is Apple’s responsibility; the dome-shaped store “floats” over the water and is connected to the luxurious resort by a walkway. Previously, the site was occupied by the Avalon nightclub.

Work of a possible Apple Store in SingaporeConstruction of a possible Apple Store in Singapore | Credit: The Straits Times

Considering that in recent years Apple Stores have become more than shopping points, it is not difficult to imagine that the company would be investing in two of the biggest tourist spots in Singapore. However, we will only know if the company will in fact expand its activities in the Asian country over time.

Amsterdam and Australia

In addition to new stores in the US and Singapore, Apple continues to renovate (and modernize) some of the two units around the world. This time, the iCulture reported that Apple Amsterdam will win a Video Wall so that the store can offer the sessions of Today at Apple.

Apple Amsterdam reforms

Unlike what it normally does, however, Apple has not closed its only physical location in Amsterdam for reform; in reality, only part of the store was closed, but it is still in full operation – as happened at Apple Morumbi. The renovation work will take place in phases and may last until October this year.

On the other side of the globe, in Australia, some changes are also underway. Despite the fateful establishment of a store in Melbourne, Apple is investing in the modernization of other points nearby, such as Apple Highpoint, located in the city of Maribyrnong.

In addition, Apple Broadway, close to the city of Sydney, will also receive a good upgrade, including a Video Wall. Last February, we reported that another store in Australia, Apple Bondi, was closed for updates. There is no prediction of when these reforms will end.

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