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Texas and Maine, USA, decide to expand Apple laptop program in their schools

Schools in Texas and Maine have plans to increase the presence of Macs in their establishments soon.

The Texas Education Agency recently donated $ 486,000 to Anthony High School; the money will be used to purchase laptops for all students and employees of the institution. As of last Friday, 210 MacBooks have already been distributed to students in high school. AHS is among 17 schools that benefited this time, out of 50 that competed for financial contributions.

MacBooks at school

The state of Maine, which has distributed more than 30,000 machines to public school students since 2002, is also in the process of expanding, with the goal of delivering a MacBook for each public school student between 7 and 12 grades by fall (from northern hemisphere) this year. State education department officials announced this week that they are negotiating a four-year lease with Apple for no less than 100,000 notebooks.

And to think that even with Microsoft FrontPage I was forced to play, in my high school days … hehe.