Tetris, Pacman? Learn the first game to come to Android Wear

Tetris? Pac Man? None of it! The first game that arrives on Android Wear a Flappy Bird clone! The verse to be played on the wrist was actually called Flopsy Droidbut the game is inspired and very similar to the famous bird that needs to dodge pipes and has won millions of players around the world.

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The verse for Android Wear It also replaced the bird with a green robot, which justifies the name Flopsy Droid. The game doesn't seem to run perfectly yet, which is admitted by its creator, Sebastian Mauer, who claims that the game is still in the experimental phase.

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 Flopsy Droid
<p>The Android Wear game market is still in its infancy, but this release is already a start! With the popularization of Wear, more game developers will be interested in creating games for this new platform. And you, what do you think? Could playing on the watch help Google sell more of Wear?</p>
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