Tests show that battery performance of the new iPad is almost equal to that of the iPad 2

Tests show that battery performance of the new iPad is almost equal to that of the iPad 2

It's there, printed on the page of the new iPad: its battery capable of withstanding ten hours with Wi-Fi on, or nine hours using 4G networks (LTE). However, according to tests carried out by the AnandTech, the reality was slightly below the statement by Apple.

Graph - Comparison of tablet batteries

Although the new battery is much more powerful than the one found on the iPad 2 (only 42.5Wh versus 25Wh), the new features of the tablet require a lot of it, and the result is slightly worse than the second generation gadget, staying ahead ASUS Eee Pad Transformers losing only when they use a Dock. Unfortunately the site didn’t make it clear the conditions of the test, such as if the screen brightness was at maximum, if the notifications, GPS, push, among other resources were linked, etc.

Taking into account the ten-nine hour scenario mentioned by Apple, someone would guess, then, how many hours the battery lasts using the Personal Access feature (Personal Hotspot), with which it is possible to share the operator's 3G / 4G internet with other gadgets?

According to them and confirmed by The Verge , about 24 hours. Of course, for this, some procedures must be followed, for example, do not leave the screen on (you do not use it with the resource, so it does not really make sense); the notifications and the push email were also turned off during the test. Although we do not have 4G networks in Brazil, national operators release the resource tethering on iPhones. If the same happens with the new iPad, this is certainly good news.

On a related note, the VR-Zone reported that the new iPad pulls up to 2A from its wall adapter, which offers 2.1A. So don't even think about charging it via the USB port of computers or the power adapter of iPhones, which offer 500mA and 1A respectively, unless you have many hours available until your gadget is 100% charged.