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Tests prove Apple patch solves MacBook Pro issues with Core i9 chip

Everything indicates that we have just seen the emergence and end of one of the fastest #gate in Apple's history.

Let's go to a chronology: the new MacBooks Pro were announced on the last day 12; the first benchmarks, positive, painted on the 16th; two days later, however, a video from YouTuber Dave Lee has debated the performance of the model with the Intel Core i9 chip; on the 23rd, however, we show that even with the inconsistency of the clock and machine overheating, actual performance tests were still very good; yesterday, the 24th, an update came out with the fix of the problem.

Until yesterday, Apple had not even officially commented on the matter. It would be supernormal, within industry standards, that yesterday we had just seen a statement from her stating that she became aware of the problem and was "investigating the cause." But no: in less than a week, Apple has already released a definite correction for this.

The first to post post update results was the Macworld:

Before the patch, the 2018 MacBook Pro with i9 was 11% faster than last year's i7; after the patch, he stayed 20% faster. And that's with Adobe Premiere Pro, which is not the most optimized software for these tests.

Lee himself had already indicated the improvement, also on Twitter:

And he has published an updated video:

After Apple's fix, Lee's MacBook Pro yielded even better results from a test on Premiere Pro than when he'd put the laptop in a freezer before.

Another that also performed numerous comparative tests again and in almost all of them noticed significant improvements was Faruk Korkmaz, of the channel iPhonedo:

Most importantly to note from this all that the patch really solves the problem that caused a huge instability in the clock i9 chip, as well as make MacBook Pro fans operate more efficiently. All this while keeping the machine quite quiet, which is certainly a quality of any Mac.

Well, ok. For those now opting to spend $ 300 more to replace the 2.6GHz Core i7 chip (Turbo boost at 4.3GHz) of the new MacBook Pro for a 2.9GHz Core i9 (Turbo boost at 4.8GHz), you already know that with this update the machine will work as expected. End of chat.