Tests made with MacBooks running OS X Mavericks show that battery performance can improve by up to 30%

Tests made with MacBooks running OS X Mavericks show that battery performance can improve by up to 30%

cone - OS X Mavericks PerformanceO OS X Mavericks brought many new features that the user does not see, such as Timer Coalescing, App Nap, Safari Energy Saver, iTunes with efficient HD playback, Compressed Memory, among others, all of which can be seen on this page.

Obviously, the benefits of these features vary widely from user to user, as many things need to be taken into account such as apps that are installed / running on the machine, screen brightness settings, whether features like Bluetooth and AirPlay are being used or not, and put it away. Overall, however, we are hearing a lot, but a lot more praise than complaints about the new system.

John Siracusa, from Ars Technica, did an amazing review of the serious OS X Mavericks, you can easily turn it into an ebook. If you are looking for more information about the new Apple system from the user's point of view (still with a lot of technical information), it is worth taking a look at the text (in English). The large / detailed review to which Siracusa divided it into several topics, making life easier for those who want to seek only certain information.

But back to the subject of battery performance, I was quite curious to see how the battery performance of my MacBook Pro with the arrival of the Mavericks. I have noticed that it has improved, but I have not had enough time to carry out further studies. But the full review of Syracuse has already given us a preview of what we, MacBook owners, can expect.

Battery tests on a MacBook Pro running OS X Mavericks

On a MacBook Pro 2007 (equipped with an HDD), performance gains (increased battery life) reached 25%!

But taking into account that Mavericks is an optimized system, focused on new technologies, what are the gains on a newer machine?

Battery tests on a MacBook Air running OS X Mavericks

On a MacBook Air 2013, for example, the gains reach 30% in tests in Syracuse, the machine went from 12.07 hours in duration to 15.68 hours!

As I stated above, this varies greatly from environment to environment, from user to user. But in a short time I realized that my MacBook Pro Retina (early 2013) also had good gains, now it remains to translate this to official numbers.

Have you ever felt this difference in performance?