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TestFlight gains support for iOS 13 apps and features; Skype, Chrome, Gmail and Affinity apps are updated

And we are once again with the most important updates of popular applications from App store! Today, with the appeal of having news related to WWDC19 advertisements. Let's take a look at them?


TestFlight app icon

The app used by developers to distribute beta versions of their iOS, tvOS and watchOS apps has been updated to make it compatible with new iOS 13 features such as Dark Mode and new privacy tools.

In addition, TestFlight 2.3 also provides additional privacy information, new translated content and traditional stability improvements and bug fixes.


Skype app icon for iPhone

Meanwhile, the Microsoft messenger has gained a feature that we had already commented on a few months ago: screen sharing on iOS and Android.

With the new feature, you can access the options menu within a video call to enable the screen sharing feature; From now on, your contact will see everything that happens on your smartphone or tablet and can, for example, help you get a question or something. The free feature is accessible to all users; Just on iPhone / iPad, you are running iOS 12 or later.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome app icon

Mountain View's flawless browser has gained a privacy-related twist on its iOS version: from now on, open links in incognito mode will no longer open in native apps to protect your privacy if you click on a YouTube link, for example. , the browser opens the mobile version of the site in the browser itself, instead of redirecting you to the service app.

In addition, Chrome version 75.0.3770.70 (phew!) Brings custom search engine icons in the tool settings for more intuitive selection.


Gmail app icon: Google Email

Following Google's technique, the giant's email client gained a “quiet” feature; this without the need for updating: it is the arrival of the Smart compose to iOS.

Time to celebrate. O Smart compose It is now available on iOS.

The feature, already in the web version of Gmail for some time, incorporates a prediction of writing in the composition of your messages: just type the first letters of a word or phrase and the service will display, in semi-transparent letters, a prediction of what you write Next. If the prediction is correct, just slide your finger to the right and the sentence is completed.

O Smart compose is already being released to Gmail users around the world.


Affinity Designer app icon

Affinity Designer app icon

Affinity Photo app icon

Affinity Photo app icon

Serif Labs, the developer behind Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo apps for macOS and iOS, today updated its entire suite with good news on both platforms.

Affinity apps for macOS have gained support enhancements for discrete graphics cards included with certain Mac models; As a result, several basic tasks of both applications such as layer rasterization and brush operations have become up to 10x faster. We now also have support for external GPUs and HDR / EDR monitors (maybe already thinking about Pro Display XDR?).

On iPad, the news is more subtle: the app interface has been updated with more compact toolbars, which gives you more work space especially on smaller tablets. In addition, we have performance and stability improvements.

via 9to5Mac