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test your memory in this fun game

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Brazilian developers are increasingly improving their applications. An example of this is the new Contactorama Brasil, by Sync Mobile.

The game plays with memory in a different way. Your mission: to remember the phone number of most of your contacts.

In a playful and fun way, Contactorama accesses the device’s calendar to test its memory. When you open the app, a background music and classic style interface gets you in the mood.

In a book, where you also choose the level of difficulty you want, each question will appear with several number options. This is where you must say which one corresponds to the person indicated.

Touching the correct number, you continue the game. If you choose the wrong number, you will lose one of the 5 lives you have. The goal is to go as far as possible.

The sound elements add a funny touch to the game. A great pastime, as well as an exercise in memory. ?

THE Contactorama Brasil is now available on the App Store (link) for just $ 0.99 (less than 2 reais). Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch.

For those who like style games, it is more than recommended. ?