IPhone SE recharge chart using 5W and 18W adapters

Test with the new iPhone SE compares 5W and 18W chargers

The new iPhone SE it is a true Frankenstein monster; although it has many similarities with the iPhone 8 (camera, battery, screen, Touch ID, housing, etc.), it borrows some details even from the iPhone 11 (like the A13 Bionic processor).

There is, however, something common to all these devices (8, SE and 11): inside their boxes, you will find a 5W charger – unlike 18W charger, which comes with the 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max models. Still, all of them (from 8) have fast recharge support and are compatible with the 18W power adapter, if you have one.

On these devices, Apple promises a recharge up to 50% of the battery in 30 minutes with 18W charger. With that in mind, the PhoneArena decided to test the energy capabilities of the new Apple launch (which has a 1.821mAh battery) to see if it really recharges faster when using the 18W power adapter instead of the 5W – and if the promise is fulfilled.

Here is the verdict:

Charging time: 5W charger18W charger
15 minutes 14% 30%
30 minutes 28% 55%
45 minutes 43% 73%
1 hour 57% 83%
1 hour and 15 minutes 70% 92%
1 hour and 30 minutes 81% 96%
2 hours 95% 100%
2 hours and 30 minutes 100% –

For those who like a graph, here is the difference in a more visual format:

IPhone SE recharge chart using 5W and 18W adapters

Up to about 45 minutes, the 18W charger achieves a good advantage and maintains about 50% more battery; after this period, the distance is narrowing.

Apple’s promise, however, is true: with 30 minutes of recharge using the 18W adapter, iPhone SE has hit 55% battery – which is great for those moments when you have little time to survive the device. Thinking of a charging scenario with more time available, the performance of the 5W adapter is quite satisfactory compared to the 18W.

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