Test the speed of your internet via terminal

Use the terminal to test the speed of your internet. Quickly and without the need for a web browser.

The Linux terminal is a very powerful and practical tool, pity that some users did not understand this practicality and others even fear the black screen. One of the many possibilities with only 1 command, being able to test our internet connection, this is what I will demonstrate in this post. If you want a graphics solution that covers other operating systems, see the tip in this post. speedtest-cli-internet-terminal-linux-related-download-upload-ubuntu-mint-elementary-kde-neon

There are several ways to verify this information, but I will demonstrate using the good old terminal. After all, nice terminal ().

SpeedTest CLI

The SpeedTest site famous among Brazilian users, however, there is a way to perform connection tests without even opening your browser. We can install the speedtest-cli utility, a handy and very practical tool (Official Github Software). To install the program on your distribution use the following command (For Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Elementary OS, KDE Neon and derivatives):

sudo apt install speedtest-cli

To execute simply use the command of the same name as the app:

Then wait for the process and compare Download and Upload values ​​with the contracted speed.


If you want to uninstall speedtest-cli, use the command:

sudo apt removes speedtest-cli

For more details on using the tool, see the following video:

Daily use of this is a few more terminal commands, a quick and convenient way to get certain information or certain actions.

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