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Test proves that 16 ″ MacBook Pro keyboard is much less noisy

Well, we already know that the keyboard of the newly launched 16-inch MacBook Pro as a blend of the Magic Keyboard with the old, bringing improvements in key stability, typing experience and overall reliability. It was time!

But there was another thing that was much criticized on the problematic butterfly keyboard: the key noise.

In order to evaluate how the new keyboard behaves accordingly, the Wall street journal took the 16 ″ MBP and a few other popular laptop models to an anechoic camera, thus evaluating the sound they emit when typing the same thing.

The result, as expected, was very positive: the new MBP's keyboard was much less noisy than the old one, and in fact it just missed out on (for very little) the Pixelbook Go test. Google, by the way, promotes silent keys his in product marketing.

Just by way of comparison, a noisy old typewriter delivered an average of 60.2dB in the test, while the 16 ″ MBP was 30.3dB and the Pixelbook Go at 30.1dB. O WSJ also put a MacBook Air (with such a butterfly keyboard) in play, measuring nasty 41.9dB.

Very good, Apple! Now run to put this new keyboard in all your products.