Test: Comparing the speed of javascript processing in Google Chrome

In the Google Chrome videos and presentations, one detail caught my attention: the speed of javascript processing in the browser gained a lot of attention during its development. Obviously, this left me with the doubt that many of us may be sharing right now: does Chrome really beat other browsers in this regard?

The Download Blog went ahead and showed some graphics revealing the brutally superior processing speed.

Chrome’s superiority is evident. The test was done on a page hosted on google docs, which has 5 types of javascript encoding, which were used to improve performance in the development stage of the browser engine. On another front, there are already people doing tests on their own. I saw a video on Rafael Cotta’s blog where he shows the difference in processing between Chrome and Firefox. See below:

In this regard, without a doubt, Chrome can now be considered the best browser on the market today. I, at least, have already adopted it as a standard browser. Any more questions about his potential?