Teslasuit é o nome do traje VR que simula sensações táteis durante um jogo

Teslasuit is the name of the VR costume that simulates tactile sensations during a game.

Tesla Studios, which has nothing to do with Elon Musk's Tesla Motors, is working on an outfit that allows you to have tactile sensations and more immersive interactions with a VR game.

The name of the Teslasuit special clothing consists of several parts that wear the whole body, up to the feet. Clothing works without any cord connected to a device and the sensations are stimulated by small electrical pulses.

Although it seems simple, the clothing brings other more complex sensations. You can feel the wind, heat, cold and even a water exposure.

Developers expect the technology to be fully compatible with today's types of glasses, such as Oculus and video games like the Xbox and Playstation. In addition, it is also possible to connect with tablets and smartphones.

"I was always very fond of virtual reality and we wanted something that would make it more real. There was nothing that had an interaction with virtual reality other than the visual, so we started developing Teslasuit."Sege Khurs, cofounder of Tesla Studios

As presented in a trailer, teslasuit is capable of generating detailed data that can have multiple uses, making it useful not only for fun but also from a professional standpoint. One example is motion capture, which can be used for game development or even the technical study of a move to hone a skill.


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Sports professionals who need to know what they need to change in their movements can analyze in detail by capturing with their clothing. The product introduction video also talks about training in general, including for high risk activities.

The costume resembles the movie Player No. 1, where there is a VR universe and people wear a costume to enter a virtual world and it is possible to have complex sensations. Teslasuit's first prototype was made in 2013 and is in beta, but maybe the reality of the feature is not so distant with this costume, at any moment we can learn more about it.

Via: TweakTown Source: Teslasuit