Chris Porritt, former Tesla and now at Apple

Tesla’s VP of vehicle engineering hired by Apple [atualizado: mais um]

Chris Porritt, former Tesla and now at Apple

Recalling a nickname given by Tesla Motors CEO, Elon Musk, the “Tesla cemetery” has just won another member: Chris Porritt, former vice president of vehicle engineering at Tesla.

In exclusive matters, the 9to5Mac together with the Electrek confirmed the hiring of the former Tesla VP, stating that he would work on “special projects” – and, if you follow the MacMagazine, you can guess exactly what it means to say that.

According to the website, perhaps Porritt would be the most highly rated to lead the “Project Titan”, as Steve Zadesky – the supposed project leader – left the company earlier this year. Of course, it is possible that the skills of the former Tesla VP are used only for hardware-related functions, but his vast experience in the automotive industry gives us hope that he will use them in the making of the rumored Apple car.

Even if coincidentally, Porritt’s hiring can also be related to the fact that he has also worked as an engineer at Aston Martin – British luxury sports car manufacturer -, which our well-known Jony Ive likes a lot and even owns some models. Among the Tesla projects in which Porritt participated in production are the latest releases Model S (he even presents this video), X and 3.

Tesla - Model S

There is still a lot of possible evidence that leads us to conclude that the “Project Titan” is real. First, we can point to the fact that Porritt was given a purposefully vague title of “Special Project Group PD Administrator” (something like “Special Development Group Professional Development Administrator”) and, last year – also a former Tesla employee – Jamie Carlson was recruited into the group for a “special project”. Another strong indication is that Porritt will lead Albert Golko (who worked on the development of the iPhone and is now responsible for “unspecified products”) and Emery Sanford (who worked directly with Zadesky, possibly on the “Project Titan”).

Although the news has only reached us now, it has been confirmed that there has been a period of time of some months from the ex-VP’s departure from the automotive company until his hiring by Apple. And, as Musk himself reported when hiring him in 2013: “[…] anyone who leads our team of engineers must first be an excellent engineer. ”

We understand that the company wants to make a certain suspense to loosen the sentence “One more thing…” in the near future, but the rumors of this “secret project” are so credible that it will be difficult for this project to remain confidential. ?

Update · Apr 25, 2016 at 10:10

And another Tesla employee left the company to join Apple!

This time, the contractor was David Masiukiewicz, whose job at Tesla was hardware prototypes. He started activities at Apple this month as “Senior Model Maker” It is just as described in your LinkedIn profile.

The place he was assigned to work was the “Product Realization Lab” (something like “Product Realization Laboratory”), where several prototypes of iPhones, iPads, etc. have already been created. To further fuel the rumors, Kevin Harvey, a former Andretti Autosport employee, has also been working at this lab since August 2015.

As much as neither of them is admittedly working on the rumored Apple car, it is very strange to think that they would invest in experienced employees in the automotive industry just to work on the Apple products we already know.

[via 9to5Mac]