Tesla CEO declares that Google will not be a competitor, but Apple will

O Recode is conducting the Code Conference 2016 which we quoted yesterday and their last interviews have generated hearty comments. This time who was put on the spot was Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla.

The interview was conducted by Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher, and covered a variety of issues involving technology and self-driving cars. From the 26th minute (video above), Swisher asks Musk about Tesla's competitiveness with other tech companies that are entering the market. automotive industry, focusing on Google and Apple. Musk surprises in his answer:

Google is doing a great job of showing the potential of autonomous transportation, but they are not just a car company. I will probably license to other companies. So I would not say that Google is a competitor. We will compete with someone who has his license, but not with himself, directly.

Soon after, Swisher asks "What about Apple?" He replies that "A (the competition) will be more direct." It is worth remembering that Ma has already hired many former Tesla employees and was therefore called the "Tesla Cemetery" by Musk himself. When asked if that was the reason why it would be more “straightforward,” he answers in the affirmative. Mossberg then asks him how he would evaluate this onslaught, and in an embarrassed (or perhaps sorry) way, Musk replies that it's great that the company is doing it and "hopes it works."

Apple Car rumors have been circulating for a long time and have even hinted that it will go into production by 2020. This date was also quoted by Musk as he talked about the possible release date of Ma's electric car. However, he believes The company should have invested in this area sooner because it requires very great efforts to stay in the industry.

I think (Apple) should have embarked on this project earlier. I don't know, they don't share the details with me (laughs). I don't think they will have a certain volume of production by 2020. It's a missed opportunity. There are several large car companies in the world and as much as one company has approximately 10% of the market.

Since Elon Musk is a big name when it comes to vehicles, we cannot rule out the safety with which he says there really is a competition. Because Apple remains very secretive with its electric car (which all rumors indicate exists), we don't know how far it has come in research, development and production.

Of course, automotive technology won't stop in time to wait for Apple to bring the bite apple symbol to electric cars.

(via TechCrunch)