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Temple Run: Brave | AndroidPIT

You may have heard of Temple Run, a game that can be defined, along with Angry Birds, as one of the Android classics. And like that, it could not be limited to having a single edition. In collaboration with Disney, the developers of Temple Run decided to create a new episode based on the movie Valente, which should soon be in theaters. The result of this marriage came in a new app, Temple Run: Brave. Follow our review and see if it is worth having more this game on your smartphone.

Functions & Usage

Device: Samsung Galaxy S3Android Android: 4.0.3Root: SimMods: None

The principle of Temple Run: Brave has no major changes with respect to the original edition of the game: what you have to do is jump and jump to avoid obstacles, or then slip under them. Tracks can also be taken through a swype from right to left or vice versa. And the coins to be collected continue to depend on a slight tilt to the device.

The novelty of this new edition is archery. There are some bonus areas that are positioned right or left of the route. In them are the targets to be reached. To shoot, simply type quickly in the corresponding part of the screen.

We find it a pity that both the goals and the energy to be purchased remain identical to the previous version of Temple Run. Something new could have appeared in this new version. Either way, the powerups and coins aren't bad either.

The Temple Run: Brave for nothing a bad game. On the contrary, very well done, as well as its previous version: simple, fun and a great remedy against boredom.

Conclusion:If you don't know Temple Run yet, Temple Run: Brave is a great recommendation. Even for those who already know that one, it is by no means a bad investment of time.

Screen & Controls

Temple Run: Brave's design has improved considerably from the previous version. Everything seems to be clearer. The principle of the game, in turn, remains as simple as your previous one. Those who already know the first game, the second will be chicken soup.

Speed ​​& Stability

Despite some initial loading issues, Temple Run: Brave works very smoothly, smoothly and without any interruption.

Price / Performance Ratio

The Temple Run: Brave costs 0.82 euros ($ 2.03), which we think is good considering the game gives you free 2500 coins!

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