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As early as Temple Run reminds us of Indiana Jones, such an application has nothing to do with Steven Spielberg's story. Even the protagonist character of the game takes us back to the movie, as he is a teacher who is looking for magic relics and, for this, has to fight against Nazi enemies. Temple Run has been very successful among users with devices running Apple's operating system, iOS, and has now reached Android. And a lot of people have been waiting for the game. For these and those who don't know Temple Run, here is our review.

Functions & Usage

Device: Samsung Galaxy NexusAndroid Version: 4.0.4Root: SimMoods: MCR

Our first impression didn't run away from what everyone has: Temple Run really resembles Indiana Jones. But also the Doom. One thing for sure: it's not a simple enough game. The main goal is to prevent some monkeys from chasing us.

The scenario, as the name of the app suggests, a temple and the surrounding area. Along the way, many obstacles appear and the goal jump them. Sometimes it is necessary to crawl on the ground and also to dodge left and right. For these movements to be performed, simply slide your finger on the screen. The further you go, the more obstacles appearing. There are coins on the way, and to pick them up, simply tilt the phone left or right. With these coins, abilities are granted, such as accelerating in a 250m race or activating other characters.

Some records can be obtained, such as sprinter. For this it is necessary to have reached 1000m of distance in the game. There are also the basic powers, which consist of all powers gained from passing level 1 of the game.

Game statistics include the highest score achieved, the amount of coins picked up along the way and the longest distance traveled.

Conclusion Temple Run is a fairly simple game and seems to have the same success among Android fans. Anyone can play it, because picking things up or jumping is not so complicated to perform. Da, perhaps, the success of the game. Undoubtedly a great pastime.

Screen & Controls

Temple Run works something like Angry Birds: very simple and intuitive controls. There are some movements that over time are easily performed. The graphics, in turn, are not super spectacular, but they are nonetheless pleasing.

Speed ​​& Stability

Temple Run ran smoothly after it was updated. The new version, 1.01., Does not lock and does not present any problems of this order.

Price / Performance Ratio

Temple Run is available for free on Google Play. Even the skills and powers acquired during the game come from the coins picked up by the ground during the adventure.