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Telegram X for Android receives support for multiple accounts | Social networks

Telegram X, Telegram's experimental application, received a list of new features on Android. One of the highlights is logging in to multiple accounts at the same time, without the need for tools like Samsung's Parallel Space application and Dual Messenger. In addition, the messenger now has new themes and allows the sending of location in real time.

All functions already existed in the standard application of the service and now arrive experimental. Meanwhile, several features continue to be lacking in Brazil's main messenger, WhatsApp. The news are available as a free update via Google Play.

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Telegram X for Android gets new features in update Photo: Marvin Costa / dnetc

Telegram X for Android gets new features in update Photo: Marvin Costa / dnetc

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One of the highlights of the application, Telegram X received support for multiple accounts. The new feature works as in the conventional version, just opening the side menu to create or access a different account. Conversations are separated, preventing information from mixing on the same screen.

Telegram X allows you to add multiple accounts in the same application Photo: Divulgao / Telegram

The application also supports real-time location sending in chat. It is now possible to show the user's positions on a map with the exact distance between participants in a conversation. The new function also helps to find a shortcut to get routes between one point and another.

Unlike WhatsApp, the messenger displays a real-time sharing notification at the top of the conversation, making it easier to access information and making it clear to the user when the feature is activated. The integrated map also features automatic night mode, switching to the dark theme according to the time.

Telegram X allows real-time location sending Photo: Divulgao / Telegram

With six colors, Telegram X received new themes to personalize the app. In addition to white and night mode, the user can choose between blue, red, orange, green, pink and cyan options. The change includes a series of refinements in the design, such as full-screen photos for channels, writing animations, sending audio and other actions, such as organizing the chats fixed at the top of the app, adjusting the position of the items in order of importance.

Telegram X allows you to change the skin tones of all emojis at once Photo: Divulgao / Telegram

Among the other novelties, Telegram X starts to display previous images received and presents the number of unread messages in the icon on the home screen. In addition, it is possible to eliminate all conversations, audio and other information in the storage settings, which guarantees more privacy to the user.

The new version of the application is available for smartphones with Android and can be downloaded from the Play Store.