Telegram wins animated stickers; TestFlight and Steam Link are updated

Telegram wins animated stickers; TestFlight and Steam Link are updated

And we're back with the most relevant updates from popular apps from App store!

Are we going to them?


The most controversial messenger in Brazil continues to gain news: now, Telegram has brought support to animated stickers the same stickers You have already learned to love, but with small animations that make them even more unbearable fun.

The good part of the news is that animated stickers use a special shape, the TGS, which takes up very little space (each sticker weighs about 30KB), runs at a smooth rate of 60 frames per second and does not require the handset battery as a GIF.

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Just like traditional platform stickers, animated stickers are an open platform meaning you can create your own packages and stickers and distribute them to your contacts normally. Telegram, of course, already includes some standard packages so you can have fun right now.


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Meanwhile, the app that gives developers the ability to distribute beta versions of their apps to users has gained new features related to iOS 13. Dark mode It had already been included in an earlier version of TestFlight, but now it is integrated into the overall system preference.

It's good to note that you will only be able to test the news, of course, if you are running a beta version of iOS 13 or iPadOS 13 if you continue on iOS 12, no changes will be applied to TestFlight for now. The new version of the app, incidentally, also brings improved privacy information and more translated content.

Steam link

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Finally, the app that lets you stream games from your Steam library on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV has a new feature that will make gamers day ahead: now it's possible remap the buttons of joysticks MFi certified (Made For iPhone).

This makes it possible to make the gaming experience more personalized and appropriate for each title you are currently playing. Also, for those who dispense with external controls and play with the touchscreen buttons on the Steam Play interface, developers have improved trackpad sensitivity with that, now the trackpad is the default when you are playing in mouse mode.