Telegram now organizes conversations by folders

Telegram now organizes conversations by folders

Although not as popular as its green icon competitor, the messaging app Telegram always got ahead in several features.

And the latest application update (6.0) brings benefits to users who help organize conversations and communicate better with their contacts.

Conversation Folders

It is now possible to separate Telegram conversations into personalized topics or categories, to make it easier when you have many open conversations.

For example, you can create folders with conversations and groups from Family, Work, Zoeira, news and whatever you want.

Organize chats in Chat Folders if you have a lot of chats. Create custom folders with flexible settings, or use the standard recommendations. Set an unlimited number of chats in each folder. Swipe between folders to easily access all of your chats.

To create the folders, just touch the Chats tab at the bottom of the screen for 2 seconds.

You can then add as many folders as you like and select from existing chats.

Animated emojis

Another novelty that was introduced in Telegram was the animated emojis related to the subject “coronavirus”, which is currently in vogue.

To use them in the app, just type a health related emoji (, , , , , , , , , or) in the chat window and a panel will open with several animated options.

Telegram can be downloaded for free from this link.