Telegram need not support voice calls

Telegram need not support voice calls

The CEO of Telegram responded positively to a Twitter user's call for voice call support and revealed the obvious: let's offer it! But does the app really need this?

Honestly, how does Telegram not yet have the call function? Either users don't really care about their contacts using messaging apps, or developers are lost in this process unable to find a viable solution, as late last year we were rumored that a beta version of the iOS app was already testing such an option. .

According to the Telegram FAQ page, the reason for this is in maintaining company values:

"We specialize in messaging, big media and archives and we do it better than anyone. We still have a lot of things we can revolutionize in messaging. And messaging, of course, is just the trend right now, so our focus remains on that area for now."

How many times have you used a messaging app to make voice or video calls in 2017? My answer to that question once. The reason for this is that my carrier gives me enough minutes to talk the whole month with quality calls.

Of course many people use this type of feature connected to a Wi-Fi network, especially young people and prepaid plan users. However, the call feature is not slowly waning because of free alternatives, but because people have more communication options. This weekend, talking to some friends, I realized that 3 out of 4 people prefer to send audio or text messages over voice calls.

Opinion by Camila Rinaldi

Telegram does not need support for voice calls, but investment in marketing.

So I believe that Telegram does not need support for voice calls, but investment in marketing, as the application loses only one giant characteristic to its competitors: number of users. When we balance the features offered by Telegram and those offered by WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, Telegram is arguably superior, the issue is that people value more than quality, so it is very difficult to see more users using the Telegram app at this time. .

By that, I don't mean that Telegram users can't have the calling function, or any other messaging app, but with so many features, this is not going to popularize Telegram over competitors that are under the guard of giant Facebook.

How often do you use voice and / or video calling in messenger applications? Would adding the Telegram calls option make you migrate to the app?

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