Telegram Messenger starts to incorporate voice calls, starting in Europe [atualizado: no Brasil!]

Since April 2015 (there is time!), WhatsApp Messenger offers at least one big difference in relation to the competitor Telegram: voice calls. Now, this is changing.

O Telegram announced today that it has begun to incorporate links within its app, already embedded in version 3.18 of its iOS app. Initially the novelty is being released to users in Europe, with the rest of the world receiving it in the coming days.

Voice calls on Telegram

As well as the exchange of messages themselves on Telegram, voice calls are fully encrypted, promise to offer optimal performance (preferably peer-to-peer, but they can also use a nearby intermediate server), they will improve with time and the user has exact control over who can call you.

The update 3.18 of Telegram also brings a feature for users to choose the level of compression of videos sent in real time and icons redesigned for better appearance on larger screens. Very good!

Telegram Messenger app icon

Update by Eduardo Marques · 04/03/2017 s 13:11

Voice calls over Telegram are already working in Brazil!

If you still don't see the option on your phone, close and open the app again when it appears.