Telegram is updated with redesigned profiles and allows meeting new people

Source: TelegramSource: Telegram

While Whatsapp took years to start implementing dark mode, Telegram had already done so for a long time. The paper airplane application, although not very popular, launches almost monthly updates, always correcting any errors or adding one or more new features. Recently there was a new update with interesting features, focused on Valentine's Day.

Profile pages redesigned in Telegram

With the new update, the profile of our contacts has changed the look. When selecting to see our friend's profile, the photos will appear in a larger size, in addition to being able to see the photos that have already been used in the profile (in the style of Instagram stories). Just below we have the media shared in the conversations separated into tabs according to the type (media, files, links, audio).

Updated functionality, get to know People Nearby 2.0

Telegram was allowed, for a few months, to search for groups of people who are located close to us. It was possible to look for a group in our city with a social theme or simply a community of neighbors. The app has updated this function now, allowing you to meet people.

People Nearby 2.0 functionality to meet new peoplePeople Nearby 2.0 functionality to meet new people

Now it is possible to make our profile visible to anyone and find users of the application. To do this, simply go to the "Contacts" section and select "Add people nearby".

New emojis added

This latest novelty has nothing to do with Valentine's Day. The app added new animated emojis, which may or may not be related to love (in some way). When sending only emojis (without writing or more than one emoji), you can see animations of each one.

Source: Telegram

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