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Telegram gets file for chats and more; Gmail, Outlook, SoundHound, Nike Training Club and Facebook are updated

And we're back with the coolest news from relevant and / or popular App Store apps! Let's take a look at them?


Telegram Messenger app icon

The favorite instant messenger of (almost) everyone who knows him has gained some very useful news. For example, now, just like WhatsApp, you can to file conversations so that less important contacts don't take up space on your home screen to do so, just drag the desired chat to the left. The conversation archive is hidden at the top of the chat list, and to reveal it, simply pull the list down.

Telegram version 5.6 has more cards up its sleeve: it is now possible to generate a link For any message within a conversation this link can be shared within the members of the group participating in the chat itself, and only them. In addition, the home screen now has an indication of your contacts who are online: those currently active will have a green ball in their profile picture.

Finally, you can now clear your screen from stickers most commonly used, and on iOS, set a six-digit password to block the eavesdropper messenger.


Gmail app icon: Google Email

Meanwhile, Google has added to its popular email service a feature that was previously only possible in the browser using external services: shipping schedule.

With this, you can take advantage of the early morning inspiration to write that killer message at 2am, but schedule it to be sent only at 9am, thus preventing the person on the other side from receiving any inappropriate notification during sleep. The resource is also great for birthdays and important dates.

To schedule the sending of an email, just tap the menu while writing the message and select the option "Schedule sending", choosing the desired date and time. The "Scheduled" tag renames all scheduled sending emails.


Microsoft Outlook app icon

Another of the most popular email clients in the world has also gained news in its fist specifically. Microsoft updated the app from Outlook with a number of new complications and other improvements in its version to watchOS.

In Apple Watch Series 4, you can add complications related to the Outlook face calendar Infograph So you can simply raise your arm to check your next appointment, for example. Perhaps most importantly, with the upgrade, the watchOS app is significantly faster, which is always a welcome addition.


SoundHound app icon

SoundHound∞ app icon

Shazam may have been bought by Apple and gained several integrations with iOS, but that doesn't mean its main competitor is Soundhound has thrown in the towel.

In version 8.9.8 of the app, users have gained a new page entirely dedicated to song lyrics. Here you can search for songs simply by typing one or two verses that you remember; Newly discovered as well as the most popular songs at the moment can have their lyrics displayed quickly.

The news is available for SoundHound and SoundHound (unannounced version of the app).

Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club app icon

The Nike Workout App Has Two New Features: First, A New Plan Premium, which costs $ 15 a month and gives the user access to special training and programs led by the company's "masters" but don't worry: the content available in the free version is still there for those who don't want to pay anything. For now, the plan Premium The app is only available in the US, but it should start shipping in other countries very soon.

Plus, we now have training reminder support, which in practice means the app will send you regular notifications to encourage you to move your skeleton and spend a few calories. The tool can be turned off naturally.


Facebook app icon

The app of the largest social network in the world, in turn, has gained a new cone, with lighter shades. Facebook's mobile redesign is still being made available to users around the world, but is not yet available to everyone.