Telegram gains support for multiple accounts; Google Maps, Banco do Brasil, and TestFlight are updated

Telegram gains support for multiple accounts; Google Maps, Banco do Brasil, and TestFlight are updated

Recently, some apps have been updated with good news. Are we going to them?


Telegram Messenger app icon

Many know the Telegram as the “WhatsApp replacement”, but the fact that we should appreciate it for introducing very important features.

In its latest update, viewing videos in the messenger has become even faster with autoplay: When you open chat, the video will play without sound by simply tapping it to hear audio or pressing the volume buttons on your device.

If you do not want the app to overuse your mobile data quota with video playback, simply access the new automatic media download options and control (manually or from defaults) the maximum data consumption the app should spend. .

New Data Usage Settings

In addition, Telegram has added support for multiple phone numbers on the same device and the ability to switch between these accounts without having to disconnect from any of them. To this end, the app has also gained a new “Sign Out” menu, which displays alternative options for adding new accounts and switching between them.

Google Maps

Google Maps app icon - Traffic & Food

Even though it announced the end of Google+, the Mountain View giant has always found a way to make its services more social. This time the app Google Maps has gained a very interesting option for those who like to follow the news of their favorite places from a very simple "social network" deployed there.

To start following your favorite places, just look for them in the app, expand your info sheet, and tap the “Follow” button, just below opening hours.

Google Maps feature tracking feature

By following a location, places and businesses can see their followers (except in private mode) through the Google My Business app and post useful information like upcoming events, special offers, etc.

Bank of Brazil

Bank of Brazil app icon

In this month, the app Bank of Brazil got a visual slap (we talked about that in this article) and new features that make it even easier to view accounts and other financial information right from the app. In this sense, the service also has an integrated financial advisory page and customization options so you can quickly access the most important information.

In addition, the main functions of the Ourocard and BB Investments applications were also made available in the institution's main software.


TestFlight app icon

O Testlight Apple's application testing platform. This week, it has gained an update that adds support for 38 new languages ​​(including Portuguese), expanding platform availability to even more users.

The software now also supports iOS Dynamic Source settings (native applications respect this setting automatically, but third-party applications need to adapt to user settings).

via 9to5Mac, MacRumors