Telegram Brings Feature All WhatsApp Users Want

The latest Telegram update has added a very useful feature: permanently deleting sent messages either by mistake or regret. Learn how the feature works.

The new function of removing messages in Telegram can be used in group or individual conversations. The feature can be used within 48 hours from the time the message is sent.

telegram remove message
Wrong message for mom can be removed from Telegram / Telegram

Although some people find this feature useless, honestly, I find it sensational. Many times, in a hurry, I end up typing wrong, write a word and my keyboard corrects and publish something completely different from what I wanted and, being able to erase the message and rewrite ingenious in my opinion.

Install on Google Play

The function is in the testing phase on WhatsApp for iOS beta users, but has not yet reached Android beta testers. So, if you were still thinking about giving an alternative messenger a chance, then Telegram offers one more advantage over WhatsApp.

What about, does your messenger have this feature?

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