Telegram allows you to add people based on location; Google and Castbox are updated

Telegram allows you to add people based on location; Google and Castbox are updated

Once again the Telegram stepped in front of your biggest competitor, WhatsApp Messenger, and added some very interesting features in their latest update among them, the option to start new conversations with people close to you (without needing their number). In addition, the apps Google and Castbox They also received some news, as we will see below.

Telegram Messenger

Telegram Messenger app icon

Recently, Telegram has (quite) improved privacy settings and added a new option to control who can see your phone number. Now the service is making it easier for others to find you (or you find them) based on location.

In addition to the option of creating a “Local Group” which, as the name implies, allows you to create and add participants who are in the same place (without having to register their mobile number), you can also find close people individually.

To chat with people around you and create new local groups, Telegram requires at least the app to have access to your location during use, which can be set up at Settings Telegram Location During Use.

Local People and Groups in Telegram

Telegram has also added the option to transfer all administrator responsibilities from one group to another, giving them full rights to remove and add people, pin messages, etc.

In addition, in this update you can use Siri Shortcuts to open conversations, choose the style of the chat balloons and the app icon (including the old Telegram X app), enable messaging previews for specific chats, and add / block a particular contact found based on your location from chatting with that person.


Google app icon

The official app of the popular iOS search tool recently won the infamous Google Lens feature, which was already available to Android users. If you don't know the news, it basically lets you search the web from your device's camera.

Google Lens on iOS

That way, you can see specific search results and actions by automatically pointing your iPhone camera at plants, animals, and products. Plus, you can translate text and words directly from the Google app, as well as scan texts, calculate tips, and find items online through the iPhone camera.

Google Lens can also search web content from images already saved on iOS. These options, however, require camera access from the device and its photos.


Castbox app icon

Our known player Podcasting Castbox has also been updated with some cool stuff, including compatibility with Waze.

Integration between Waze and Castbox

Remember Waze's integration with Spotify? Now Castbox users can also listen to their favorite podcasts and control playback through the navigation app. This includes the option to pause and play, skip or restart an episode without leaving clear Waze, without losing traffic alerts on your route.

In addition, Castbox now has the new Zen Mode. With it, it becomes easier to fall asleep through the 100 new nature sounds so you can hear and remix them to share with other users. In this update, the playlists Podcasts have been improved, as well as other enhancements and fixes to the overall stability of the app.