Telecommunications operators offer 10GB of data because of Covid-19

Telecommunications operators offer 10GB of data because of Covid-19

The communication was made simultaneously by the three telecommunications operators, Altice (MEO), NOS and Vodafone, in a concertation movement that is not usual in a sector as competitive as that of communications, but shows a common purpose at a time when the Covidean pandemic 19 affects the whole of society.

The companies clarify that the offer of 10 GB of data is valid for mobile services and covers private and business customers for 30 days after subscription. The statement states that "in order to minimize the impacts that COVID-19 is already having on the lives of the Portuguese, operators MEO, NOS and Vodafone announce that they will offer 10GB of data to their mobile phone service customers".

The provision of mobile data is a way to allow users to use the internet access outside the workplace, as many workers are now telecommuting, seeking to avoid contagion in situations of voluntary quarantine.

"This measure seeks to facilitate compliance by citizens with COVID-19 infection prevention and control measures, responding to increased communication needs as they are at home in teleworking, prevention or assistance to family members", says the communicated.

Private or business customers of the three operators can subscribe to the data offer through their customer app or the operators' websites, between the 17th and 31st of March. "The offer of 10GB of data will be valid for the period of 30 days from the date of subscription", says the communication.

The measure of agreement also extends to TV channels. Following the suspension of most sporting events, the operators had also decided, together with Sport TV, BTV and Eleven Sports, not to charge the monthly fee to new and current customers for the respective channels.

"This measure is maintained during the exceptional period of suspension of most sports competitions on the respective channels", states the statement.

Operators were already preparing to broadcast BTV on an open signal this weekend and Sport TV intended to broadcast the matches of the 25th and 26th days of Portuguese Football League on SportTV's open channel, but the games were meanwhile suspended by undetermined time.

The WHO confirmed yesterday that the Covid-19j outbreak is a pandemic and that there are more than 120,000 people infected worldwide. The progress of positive cases, and the number of deaths, has been rapid, and every day there are new numbers, which are accompanied by maps fed by data from health organizations. In Portugal the first case was confirmed only last week, but there are already close to 80 infected people, and thousands in quarantine.