Telecine Play

Telecine Play – Is it worth it? Do you consume a lot of Mobile Data? Advantages and How to Use

A catalog with the best films in your hand. what can be expected from the Telecine Play app, yet another streaming service for movie lovers.

It is an application that can be downloaded for tablets, smartphones and also on the computer, without having to hire a subscription TV service package. Find out more about how the application and service works in the following text!

Telecine Play

Evaluation of Telecine Play

Telecine Play is a platform with more than 2,000 movie titles, from the great Hollywood films to those made independently. Also included in the catalog are national films, children's films, animations and films for the whole family.

It can be downloaded on Android and IOS smartphones and easily accessed. Its intuitive and simple layout, facilitating the search for films by filters, such as genre and cast.

How to download Telecine Play?

To download the Telecine app on your phone or tablet very simple! If you already have the service through the Pay TV package, follow the step by step:

  1. In your device's app store, search the Telecine Play search space;
  2. Click install;
  3. Open the app, go to Menu and then Enter;
  4. In the session I am already a subscriber, click on Telecine and login with your email and password created when subscribing to the service.

People who do not have a subscription TV service and wish to have Telecine Play can follow the same steps to purchase the service.

Telecine Play

How to use?

After signing up for the service and creating a login and password, just enjoy! With the app downloaded or on the computer, Telecine Play can be used simultaneously on up to 3 screens. Each account allows up to 5 profiles, with access to all films and releases.

Advantages and disadvantages

Telecine Play is an application with many benefits, but there are still pros and cons to the app, which is common to any platform. Check out the main advantages and disadvantages of using it:


  • It can be an option for those who do not have smart TV, since the app can be downloaded on the computer and cell phone;
  • It allows individual subscription, that is, you do not need to subscribe to a cable TV plan to have access to Telecine Play;
  • More than 2000 films made available, with news all year round;
  • Allows you to create a list of favorites and movies you want to watch;
  • Alert for the films that are leaving the catalog, so you can watch before leaving the list;
  • It allows a free trial for new users, but for 7 days;
  • It has lists of films with famous actors;
  • Can be used on cell phones, tablets and on the computer;
  • Allows you to create the kids profile, with films and animations aimed at children;
  • Available for Android and IOS.


  • It consumes a lot of mobile data, not being a good option when you are without Wi-Fi;
  • When evaluating users through Google Play and the App Store, the application tends to have recurring errors, such as crashing and subtitle problems, for example.

Telecine Play

Telecine Play for free?

To access the Telecine Play catalog, you need to pay a monthly fee, just like with other streaming services. There is the possibility to test the service for free for the first 7 days. After that period, the monthly amount for Telecine Play is $ 37.90.