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Telecine Play app is now available for Apple TVs!

Much to the delight of many Telecine subscribers who do not have a Smart TV with a service app and were eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Apple TV app as well, can celebrate: it has arrived!

O Telecine Play available now also for set top box da Ma. There are all browsable content on “Launches”, “Big hits”, “Most popular on PLAY”, “Kids”, “Independents” and more. There is, of course, the option to search the content exactly by the top menu “Search”.

Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to subscribe to the service for the tvOS application itself, using the App Store payment system and attaching the subscription to your Apple ID we will hope it will be released in the not too distant future.

You will need to have a Telecine service or your carrier login to gain access. To login, it is very easy: just from the top menu, choose the option “Login” and follow the step-by-step shown on the screen.

But don't despair as you can now access Telecine Play without the need for a cable TV subscription!

Single Subscription

Like HBO GO, Premiere, and FOX, Telecine also allows you to subscribe to the service only without a cable TV plan. However, this signature necessarily needs to be done by a browser.

Subscribing to the Telecine

Like Premiere, Telecine is part of Grupo Globo in the case of the movie service, we are talking about a joint venture between Globosat and four major Hollywood studios: MGM, Paramount, Fox and Universal. In addition to the Brazilian television viewing rights of films distributed by these studios, Telecine also exclusively exhibits Disney productions for a period of time. In total there are over 1,800 movies in the catalog.

Telecine's stand-alone subscription comes from R $ 37,90 monthly very close to the R $ 34,90 charged by HBO GO and FOX. Always remember that if you are already a Telecine subscriber to any carrier, you can use your own carrier credentials to enjoy Telecine Play on your mobile phone, computer, tablet or now Apple TV.

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tip of Gabriel Mendona