".Tel" domain open to private individuals

«.Tel» domain open to private individuals

".Tel" domain open to private individuals

From now on, any citizen can register their address online using the «.tel» domain. Until now, this possibility was only open to companies although it was extended to individuals yesterday.

This allows that, in a single site, data such as the phone number, email, Skype account or links for user profiles on social networks. In practice, an individual directory is created with all the contact information that the user wants to publish, that is, a kind of telephone directory is created. online accessible from any device with an Internet connection.

The privacy issues and the visibility that you want to give to the contact page depend on the user’s wishes and can be personalized.

During the two-month registration phase for companies and trademarks, many companies rushed to reserve their space, including Google, Orange, Microsoft and Intel.

Domain registration can be done from Telnic, which charges between 250 and 350 euros for domain rights for three years. From 24 March, prices drop to 14 to 25 euros for the same period of time.